Issue 2 of Australia’s newest genealogy and history magazine, “Traces” turned up in our letter box  this week. And what a fabulous issue of reading it is.

This issue is packed with 64 pages of high quality history and genealogy-related articles.

It starts off with Heritage news together with information about the 2018 Australian Heritage Festival. You’ll find a round-up of the latest records online. There’s a “Then and Now” article on the magnificent Adelaide Arcade. The “Ask An Expert” column covers information relating to the Gladesville Mental Hospital in Sydney.

You’ll read about the Harmers haven murders, and the story of Jimmy Possum along with his ‘quintessentially’ Australian furniture. There’s an article which remembers (and pays tribute to) Broome’s indigenous pearl shell divers, and you’ll be fascinated by messages that have been found in bottles that have turned up on Australia’s shores.

For family historians, the various types of records that relate to schools are mentioned, and there’s far more than just admission registers. Simon Barnard discusses convict tattoos and the meaning behind them, and as Marilyn Rowan write “reading old handwriting is both an art and a science” – but you’ll get some great tips from her “Reading old handwriting” article.

There’s the sad story of Percy Bontoft who enlisted in the 32nd Battalion during WWI, and article about the National Anzac Centre at Albany, Western Australia, and another on the War Graves in Victoria (those at the Springvale War Cemetery and the Springvale Botanical Cemetery). Still on the military theme and there an article on Darwin … “Australia’s Pearl Harbor”, and the incredible story of Maud Butler, who was so desperate to help out her country in WWI, she went to incredible lengths … and what makes it all more incredible was that she was only 16.

Learn about Sugar Kate, and the slang term it stands for, as well as the term “on the wallaby” a term not used today.

Its great to read about Susannah Place which is located in The Rocks in Sydney. Originally built in the 1840s for Irish immigrants, this is now a living museum that has remained largely unchanged. The photographs showing Belura Homestead in Victoria are stunning, as is the story behind it.

“Launched in December 2017, Traces is the only quarterly printed magazine dedicated to providing its readers with insight into the latest historical research, news, events and heritage projects taking place around Australia. The expert voices of historians, researchers, heritage professionals, genealogists and journalists uncover the fascinating characters and stories of our past.”

If you love Australian history and/or genealogy, do yourself a favour and grab a copy of Traces.

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