While the temperature has most certainly been cranked up to extreme in Australia over the past few weeks (to the point of melting) … our friends in the northern hemisphere are feeling the cold with some extreme winter weather, and MyHeritage has come to the rescue of everyone who has been stuck indoors (either because of the heat or the cold weather), with a Winter Sale on their DNA kits.

Test yourself, or test your relatives … take a test and find MORE relatives.

But why choose MyHeritage DNA?
– Firstly MyHeritage DNA tests covers 42 ethnic regions with percentages (more than any other major DNA vendor)
– They have the fastest processing time (only 3-4 weeks)
– Their international database improves your chances of finding relatives around the world
– And their tests are fully integrated with family tree tools and historical records to expand your family research

LIMITED TIME OFFER, be quick this offer is only on sale through until Monday 22 January 2018
Australia $74.99, down from $124.99 (save $50.00)
England £42.95, down from £71.95 (save £32.00)
Europe €48.95, down from €80.95 (save  €29.00)
United States US$59.00, down from US$99.00 (save US$40.00)