Do you have boxes of old slides? What about home movies (the old film ones or those on video cassette)? You do don’t you. So when did you last look at any of them? Years ago wasn’t it. And do you even have the facility to look at them now?

What about family telling stories of “life in the old days” either on cassette tape or even video? I know my family does. Now those family members have passed on, hearing them speak about their life and memories (and even hearing their own voice) … it’s irreplaceable.and needs to be protected.

Holidays, social occasions, weddings, birthdays, Christmas and any number of other celebrations … they’ve all been captured through the amazing technology of photography, film and video, but unless they are converted, they will be lost. Sadly the format used to create them doesn’t last forever, so you need to preserve these treasured memories by getting them converted to a new, and readable format, and our good friends at Big Egg Media can help you out with that.

Established in 2006, Big Egg Media is a leading multimedia business in Adelaide, South Australia which has grown from a home-based business that initially offered VHS video tape to DVD conversion, to now offer a wide range of video, audio and film services to all states in Australia.

Big Egg Media
Their services now cover:
– Video Tape to DVD Conversion
– Audio Conversion
– Slide/Negative/Photo Scanning & DVD Slideshows
– Film Scanning / Movie Film Conversion
– Video Editing & Production

They can convert your old home movies (super8, standard8 and 16mm) as well as your audio tapes too (and even vinyl records). They can also scan and digitise your slide collection, giving them a new lease of life, and bringing back so many memories for you, and they even offer photo scanning and restoration services as well.

Movies, slides, and photos are irreplaceable. They show a moment in time. And one that cannot be replaced. Preserve them for not only the current generation, but the next.



Big Egg Media has an exclusive offer for our customers during June, so now is the perfect time to give your precious memories the attention they deserve, and get those old films, videos, audio and slides converted.

They are offering 10% off ALL of their services (film, video, audio, slide conversions and photo restoration) during June. To take advantage of this incredible offer be sure to get your order in to them before 30 June 2017, and simply quote the code: GOULDBE6 when you place your order.
phone: (08) 7120 9921



Big Egg Media