FTM - MacKiev

A large portion of genealogy world has been wondering what is going to happen with Family Tree Maker ever since the recent annoucement that Ancestry had sold the program to the developers (Software MacKiev).

To address this, genealogy blogger Tamura Jones has interviewed Jack Minsky, the president of Software MacKiev posed lots of those questions that everyone has been wanting to know like:
– Why did you buy New Family Tree Maker?
– Did you buy all the rights to all Family Tree Maker versions?
– Family Tree Maker Classic is still popular. Do you have any plans for it?
You can read the full inverview on Tamura’s blog.

Apart from that, Software MacKiev has a FAQ Family Tree Maker page which will address lots of your queries as well.

– When will Family Tree Maker start shipping again?
– I already have the latest version, what will it cost to upgrade?
– Where will Family Tree Maker be sold?
– What about TreeSync?
and many more.

Software MacKiev’s short-term plan is to have Family Tree Maker back on the market by March 1, and to get it into retail stores. However there is no word yet as to if Family Tree Maker will even be available in Australia. We will watch this, and keep you posted.