I hope you’re enjoying the responses we’ve had to our Alphabet Challenge as much as I am, it’s exciting how many people we have participating. Just a reminder that you can view all the geneabloggers posts for each letter by going to that letter’s page, and scrolling to the bottom – they’re all listed there.

If you’ve only just discovered our “Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge, please feel free to join in. There’s no need to start at the beginning you just need to use the current letter for the week (this week we’re up to L), and connect it to someone, something, or a topic relating to your family that you’d like write about.

We’ve had an amazing range of topics that people have been writing about … we’ve had everything from emigrant ships, attributes, archives, alphabets, special ancestors, family stories, home towns, war memorials, heirlooms, occupations, streets and more.

So now it is time for letter L!
Tell us what L is for …

We will list all posts from fellow geneabloggers for the letter “L” below. If you’re a tweeter, and wish to contribute or just follow the topic, follow the #fhalphabet hashtag. On Facebook, you can comment under each letter’s post.

If you do have any queries regarding the Challenge, feel free to email Alona at alona@gould.com.au.

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Here’s the contributions from the genealogy blogging community. I’ve listed the blog name alphabetically, followed by the post:

A History of Four Families, Family History Through the Alphabet – L is for Lost Records, Lapham, Leishman, and Lightcap
A Pocket Full of Family Memories, Family History Through The Alphabet Challenge : L is for… the Leman’s of Loddon
AncestorChasing, L is for … LOVE
Ancestors Live Here, Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge ~ L is for Letter from grandma
Are My Roots Showing?, L is for … LOCAL PROGRAMS!
Australian Genealogy Journeys, L is for London – Family History Through the Alphabet – Week 12
Dance Skeletons, L is for … Luck. Or is it?
Discovering Latvian Roots, L is for Livland
Discovering Latvian Roots, Ļ is for Ļaudis
Family History Across the Seas, L is for learning, listening, local and living
FamilyHistory4U, Family History Through the Alphabet – “L” for Local History
Family History Fun, L is for Lament, Lessons, Lure, Luck and Likeness – A-Z Challenge
Finding Eliza, “L” is for Linwood
From Helen V Smith’s Keyboard, L is for Leisure
Geniaus, Family History Through the Alphabet – L is for …Straying
lonetester HQ, Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge: L is for … Letters
Mountain Genealogists, Family History Through the Alphabet – The Letter is “L”
My Ancestors and Me, L is for Language – Family History Through the Alphabet
Olga’s Genealogy Blog, Genealogy by means of the alphabet – L [translated from Dutch]
Seeking Susan ~ Meeting Marie ~Finding Family, Ll is for – Life on the Laura Blocks
Spirits of the Old, Family History Through the Alphabet Challenge ~ L is for Lovie
Strong Foundations, L is for Life Expectancy
Tracking Down the Family, Family History Through The Alphabet: Letter L
What’s Past is Prologue, L is for Libraries
Who’s Your Grammie?, L is for Lois