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International #MuseumWeek, 23-29 March 2015

Recently we had #MuseumSelfie Day which was a huge success with people from right around the world taking part, and snapping themselves at a museum. Now we have #MuseumWeek. This international event is being held from 23-29 March, and is open to all Museums, big and small, and gives them a chance to celebrate their culture and collections on Twitter.

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21 January is #MuseumSelfie Day

“Museum Selfie Day is a day in which many of the major museums of the world are encouraging their patrons not to actually look at the art, but to pose in front of it—then to share their oh-so-artful self portraits on Twitter with the hashtag #MuseumSelfie.”

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Ask Away on #AskArchivists Day on 9 June 2011

Thursday June 9, 2011 is #AskArchivists Day on Twitter, which is being held to coincide with International Archives Day. On that day everybody can ask questions to archivists in the world on Twitter. The Twitter event is an international happening, so every archive and archivist in the world can take part.

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