If you, or your community organisation is after some funds for a South Australian related project that you’re working on, the SA History Fund Grants might be what you need.

The South Australian History Fund grants are open for applications, but …. the closing date is coming very quick, so this is a reminder to get working on your application if you intend to.

For those who may not be aware, the South Australian History Fund is an annual grant fund offered by the History Trust of South Australia for projects, research or publications “that contribute to the knowledge, understanding and sharing of South Australia’s rich history”. This year they have a total of $70,000 available to share, with grants of up to $5000.

Some examples of what you or your organisation could do could do with the grant money are:
– Purchase of storage or archival storage materials
– Digitising or copying of significant photographic or documentary collections
– Purchase of equipment and/or software for historical projects
– Events with an historical focus
– Signage, displays or online projects
– Oral history projects
– Publications such as books, booklets, or walking guides
– Research projects
All projects need to be relevant to South Australian history.

Applications close on Sunday, 5 September 2021.

– Incorporated community organisations, local government, other publicly accountable organisations and tertiary institutions
– Unincorporated organisations may be eligible if an incorporated organisation is willing to sponsor (auspice) their application.
– Individuals can apply for publications and research projects.
– Applicants from outside the State, who are working on South Australian history, will be considered.
– State and Federal government agencies are not eligible.

All applications MUST be made online
. If you’re interested in applying, please read the guidelines and FAQs. And for further information, or to apply for a grant online visit their website. If you wish to discuss possible projects you can do so by contacting Amanda James or Pauline Cockrill at the History Trust of SA by email at community@history.sa.gov.au or phoning them on (08) 8203 9888.