Austraian Heritage magazine was a fantastic magazine showcasing all aspects of Australian history. It was produced quarterly, and was a well-researched, well-presented magazine which sadly went the way of so many printed magazines and ceased production. We have recently been given a full collection of Australian Heritage magazines, so we are now looking to find good homes for them.

So from issue 1 in Summer 2005, through to Issue 19 in Winter 2010 they’re all there. They are secondhand, but they are in ‘as new’ (probably read once) condiiton.

We have one copy of each issue, and we’re selling each for AUD$12.50 (which includes postage within Australia). But once they are gone, they are gone.

To order please email, or phone us on (08) 8263 2055.

Australian Heritage Issue 1 – Summer 2005  SOLD
Henry Sutton: The Eureka Man; The early French explorers of Australia; Heritage tracks of the Blue Mountains; The rescue of Callington Mill; Werris Creek: A town devoted to the railway; Ghost house restored by labour of love; From Canton Lead to Ararat; Australian kelpies: born to muster; David Unaipon: Storyteller of the Dreamtime; Dame Edith Cowan: First women of the West; Governor Phillip and a man name Bennelong; Love letters from Antarctica; When Copper was king; Our earliest gardeners: The Macarthurs of Elizabeth Farm and Camden Park; His Majesty’s: Theatre of Triumph and Disaster.

Australian Heritage Issue 2 – Autumn 2006 SOLD
Rupertswood and the ashes; The legendary Cobb & Co; Dutch explorers of the Southern Land; Hill End; Echoes of a boom town; Betty King: First White Women in Australia?; Westgarthtown: A German village in the suburbs; Exiles and emigrants: Journeys of destiny; Sir Henry Parkes: The Father of Federation; Catherine Helen Spence: A ‘Useful and Amiable Member of Society’; The Bishop and the Architect; Able Taman: Navigator of the Unknown; Rabbits in Australia; Family History: A Journey with my Ancestors; The Huon Pine-getters.

Australian Heritage Issue 3 – Winter 2006 SOLD
Paddle-steamers of the Murray-Darling Rivers; The enigmatic platypus; The Spanish quest for Terra Australis; Thomas Mitchell and the Wellington fossils; Farina: Ghost Town on the Gibber; The Battle of Vinegar Hill; Referend John Flynn: Flynn of the Inland; Mary Reibey: From Convict to Entrepreneur; Captain from Connecticut: Isaac Pendleton’s Last Voyage; Mechanics’ Institutes: Halls of Learning; Ferdinand von Mueller: Botanist of Honour; Joseph Lycett: Convict Artist; William Stawell: Architect of the Victorian Constitution.

Australian Heritage Issue 4 – Spring 2006  SOLD
A man called ‘The Banjo’; The story of Australia’s trams; The wreck of the ‘Sydney Cove’; A return to horsepower; Burra: A fossil treasure trove; Cook’s Pacific encounters; Beyond Hell’s Gates: Sarah Island; Sketches from Life: The Journals of Mary Morton Allport; They Wyndhams of Dalwood; Eel farmers of the Mount Eccles Lava Flow; The Holden saga; Turning an honest penny: Australia’s early coinage; Trials of the North: The settlement of Port Essington; Elizabeth Fulloon: Emigrant by appointment.

Australian Heritage Issue 5 – Summer 2006 SOLD
Exile of the Young lrelanders; The Forgotten Explorers of the Blue Mountains; Brisbane: An ‘Earthly Paradise’ of ‘Utmost Dread’; The Pursuit of Strangeness: Francois Peron’s Voyage to the South Lands 1801-1803; Our Monuments: The Medidian Arch at Marulan; Wolston House: A Legacy Remembered; Rippon Lea: A Water-wise Estate; Mary Gilmore: Poet of Passion; Gregory Blaxland: Pioneer Farmer; Quarantining the Fever Ships: The Story of Point Nepean; The Tragedy of the New Guinea Prospecting Expedition; Ben Boyd: Colonial Fortune Hunter; Arthur Esam: The Drover who painted the Outback; Bluewater Bushmen: Early Sailors of Sydney Harbour.

Australian Heritage Issue 6 – Autumn 2007 SOLD
Breastplates of Honour; Holding the Line: George Woodroffe Goyder; The Briars: An Encounter with the Emperor; Lawrence Hargrave: A Soaring Mind; A Black Ball on a White Star; Settlement of the Swan: The Birth of Perth; Eliza Forlong: Pioneer of Australian Fine Wool; Polar Pioneers: Australian in the Antarctic; The Wild Days on the Hodgkinson Goldfields; Hume and Hovell: Explorers at Odds; Koala: Survivor Against the Odds.

Australian Heritage Issue 7 – Winter 2007  SOLD
John Monash: Commander of Precision; Tom Wills: Father of Australian Football; Adelaide: ‘A Grand Experiment in the Art of Colonization’; Amy Sherwin: Nightingale of Tasmania; Sydney Views 1788-1888; Encounters on Kangaroo Island; C.Y. O’Connor: Designer of the West; Jandamarra of the Kimberley and the Bunuba Uprising.

Australian Heritage Issue 8 – Spring 2007 SOLD
Red Cedar: Treasure form the Rainforest; A tale of two shipwrecks: the Dunbar and the Cawarra; The Aboriginal Whaling Med of Trowernna; Agnes the Bullock Driver; Houdini’s Greatest Illusion; A Celebration of Women’s Work; Alberto Zelman and the Birth of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra; Sporting Horses; Sturt’s Retreat; John Batman: Aspirations of a Currency Lad; Australia’s First Goldrush: The Daisy Hill Story; John Gould: Chronicler of Australia’s Fauna; Ellis Rowan: Adventures of a Flower Hunter.

Australian Heritage Issue 9 – Summer 2007 SOLD
Christmas in the Colonies; Bush Tucker on the menu; Time and tide; The Great Barrier Reef; The Don: Hitting a six against Racism; The Harriet of Hobart; Playtime in Melbourne; Frederick George Copeand: Vicar of Zeehan; A Life Fully Lived: John Batman Part II; Edward Hargraves: Spin Doctor of the Goldrush; Water on Tap: The Building of the Yan Yean Reservoir; Surviving Against the Odds: The Story of New Italy; Pistols for Two; Australia’s Flying Start.

Australian Heritage Issue 10 – Autumn 2008 SOLD
Norfolk Island: Island of Changing Fortunes; Golden Mountain: The Story of Mount Morgan; Continent of Smoke: Fire and the Australian bush; Australia Day 1915, Ringing in the New: The Bells of Bathurst: ‘Purrumbete’: The Manifold Legacy of a Pioneer Family; A Plea for our Bush Chapels; From Norfolk Island to Van Diemen’s Land; Pirate’s Treasure: The Mystery of Bonito’s Peruvian Gold; Lady Nelson HM: Pioneer of the Australian Coastline.

Australian Heritage Issue 11 – Winter 2008 SOLD
Pandora and the Bounty Hunters; Macquarie Island: World Heritage Sanctuary; Flying Boats: Sydney’s Golden Age of Aviation; Chiltern Remembers Henry Handel Richardson; The Eugowra Escort Robbery: The Violent Birth of the NSW Police; Railway Through thr Wilderness; George Fife Angas: Speculator of Influence and Ethics; Elizabeth Throsby: A Dramatic Life; James Tyson: Big Man of the Outback; Captain James Kelly: Currency Lad, Master Mariner, Explorer and Pioneer.

Australian Heritage Issue 12 – Spring 2008 SOLD
Fabulous Flemington; Taming the Murray; Dalgety of Canberra; A Lady on the Goldfields: Ellen Clacy; Sir Thomas Makdougall Brisbane: Star-gazing Governor; HMQS Gayundah: Flagship of the Queensland Navy; September 11, 1914: The Day the Great War Began for Australia; A Different Time: The Expedition Photographs of Herbert Basedow 1903-1928; Canada’s rebels in Van Diemen’s Land; The Jardine Legacy; A Long a Winding Road: The Story of Circus in Australia.

Australian Heritage Issue 13 – Summer 2008  SOLD
Back on the Rails; Cycling: the Craze of the 1890s; Coober Pedy: Opals and Opportunity; The Fossil Fish of Gogo; Sydney’s Lookout and Signal Station; Dead Man’s Penny; Calamity at Clontarf; The Ships Built of Norfolk Island; The Forgotten Henry Kendall, The Muslim Cameleers: Pioneers of the inland; The Dights of Durham Bowes; C. Blunt Boatbuilders: Surviving the Slings and Arrows.

Australian Heritage Issue 14 – Autumn 2009 SOLD
Newcastle coal and convicts; The Tragedy of the Centaur; Shark Bay: Heritage Treasury; Our early observatories; Darwin in Australia; Adelaide’s York Gate Geographical and Colonial Library; The Divine Melba; William Throsby Bridges: Father of the AIF; Prisoner of the Monsoon: Matthew Flinders in the Gulf of Carpentaria, the Bank of Australia Robbery; The Australian Agricultural Company: Pioneers of Wealth.

Australian Heritage Issue 15 – Winter 2009  SOLD
Matthew Flinders and the naming of Australia; Australia or Bust: the 1919 Air Race; Lord Howe: Island of Providence; The Slashing adventure of Captain Francis de Groot; Boomerang: Behind an Australian Icon; Cascades Female Factory: Unlocking the Past; Solomon Wiseman: King of the Hawkesbury; Old Poltalloch Station; William Redfern: Convict, Surgeon, Reformer; Conquering the Continent: John McDouall Stuart; Melbourne Zoo: Acclimatisation to Conservation; Queensland: A Separate Colony; Alias Captain Moonlite.

Australian Heritage Issue 16 – Spring 2009 SOLD
May Gibbs: Creator of the Gumnuts; Secrets of Lake Mungo; Sir Leslie Morshead: Leader of the Rats; The early days of Australian TV; CSIRAC: Our Pioneer Computer; Australia’s Oldest Theatre: The Hobart Royal Theatre; The St Leons: A Family Circus Saga; Australind: Echos of a Grand Dream; On Assignment: Convict live of the Archer Estates; Mackay and the Melanesians; Ernest Giles: Explorer of Heartless Deserts.

Australian Heritage Issue 17 – Summer 2009 SOLD
The mystery of the Zuytdorp; Brisbane’s Old Windmill; Joseph Perry: God’s Filmmaker; The Clarke Gang: Our Deadliest Bushrangers; Georgiana Molloy: Pioneer Botanist of the West; Daintree: Nature’s Incubator; The Chinese Trek to Gold; The Van Diemen’s Land Company; The Last of the HMS Beagle; Cowra: a town like no other.

Australian Heritage Issue 18 – Autumn 2010  SOLD
Joseph Reed: A City’s Greatest Architect; The General and the Spy; The Chaffey Brothers: Irrigation Pioneers; Allan Davidson: Prospector in the Central Desert; The Barwell Boys; Bunyip: Mystery of the Deep; Fremantle Prison; Caroline Chisholm: A Life of Caring; Coolgardie or Bust; Reward for Labour: The Eight Hour Day; ‘The Most Perfect Invention’: The Arrival of the Telegraph in Australia.

Australian Heritage Issue 19 – Winter 2010 SOLD
The Chirnside of Werribee Park, Australia’s Front Line: The Bombing of Darwin, Lachlan Macquarie: Governor of Vision; Wire to the World: The Overland Telegraph Line; Thomas Huxley and the Voyage of HMS Rattlesnake; The Catalpa Rescue: Escape from a ‘Living Tomb’