Did your ancestors travel to, from or around Australia?

To help you uncover details of their voyage, Findmypast has merged their vast collection of Australian passenger lists into one simple search and added over 9 million new entries.

This growing collection now contains over 26 million of records from multiple sources covering all corners of Australia, including;

ยท The Australian National Passenger Lists 1898-1972 collection consists of:

  • New South Wales passenger lists (assisted & unassisted)
  • 1881 British census crew and passengers on ships arriving in New South Wales
  • Queensland customs house shipping passengers and crew 1852-1885
  • South Australia passenger lists 1847-1886
  • Passengers to South Australia on board Buffalo 1836
  • Tasmania Departures 1817-1863
  • Victoria inward passenger lists 1839-1923
  • Victoria outward passenger lists 1852-1915
  • Victoria coastal passenger lists 1852-1924

Each record includes a transcript and many also include an image of the original record. Passenger lists vary widely in size, length, and level of detail, as there was no standardised format. Some record only a minimum of information about the passengers, while others are quite detailed. As well as revealing the dates and location of arrival and departure, many records will also reveal a variety of useful biographical details such as ages, occupations, nationalities, marital status, places of birth or residence

Something to keep in mind, was that until 1871, assisted passenger lists were kept separately from unassisted passengers.

  • Assisted passengers Assisted passengers or migrants were those who migrated under sponsorship schemes, meaning their voyage was subsidised either fully or partially by the colonial government.
  • Unassisted passengers Unassisted passengers or migrants were those who paid their own fare or were privately sponsored. Prior to 1852, it was not required for the names of unassisted passengers to be recorded, making it difficult to assess how complete the existing passenger lists are.

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