April has arrived, and so has the latest issue of Traces Magazine. So if you didn’t get it in your letterbox, you’ll find Issue 14 in the newsagents now.

For Australian history lovers and genealogy buffs, this is yet another amazing issue, packed with fabulous history and genealogy-related articles.

Just who was Australia’s most notorious gangster? He was famous for heists, theft, murder and violence in Melbourne throughout the 1910s and 1920s, and he became not only a part of Australia’s history, but part legend? The cover story takes a closer look at this man, and his life.

Aside from that there’s plenty more great reading including the story of a scandalous Hobart Town love triangle that proved that one of the colony’s most successful women was never allowed to forget her convict past. Dr Peter Hobbin’s gives a fascinating account of a 19th century typhoid epidemic that left rich historical information in its wake.

In the genealogy section, Ancestry’s Brad Argent explores military records and gives helpful advice on uncovering records from international forces.

March was Women’s History Month, and the magazine takes a look at some of history’s inspiring female leaders. Renowned historian and writer Babette Smith explores our understanding of convict women, with their own stories, and Amanda Wong spotlights some of the iconic Indigenous matriarchs who shaped Australian history.

Tasmania’s Woolmer’s Estate is the ‘Historic Homes’ feature for this issue, and what a magnificent Estate is it, with a history dating back to 1817. And the historic Macquarie Arms Hotel in Windsor, New South Wales, built in 1815 features in the Then and Now section.

Traces reader Ally, writes about Alfred Thomas Jackson, an apprentice turned convict, and James ‘Shirty’ Germyn is the subject of another article, and tells how he left a legacy of self-sacrifice on the battlefields of World War I.

So all of this and more .. makes for great reading. So if you love Australian history and/or genealogy, do yourself a favour, and grab a copy of Traces.

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