4 days • 30+ speakers • 70+ presentations • Online • $10,000 in prizes …
and now less that a week to go until FHDU2021!!!

Family History Down Under 2021 (FHDU2021) was originally planned as an in-person event in Queensland. However due to the on-going travel risks with COVID-19 lockdowns, the event was changed to be 100% virtual. So while we know it won’t be the same as catching up with our geniemates (trust me, we’re hanging out for it too), it will still be a fantastic event, with incredible speakers and topics, ensuring lots of learning. And as another bonus you get to stay home and watch the event on your laptop or mobile device, from the comfort your favourite chair with your bunny slippers on.

The actual conference itself is held over 4 days (23-26 March 2021), and each day/track contains 6 recordings together with a whole heap of extra presentations relating to that topic that you can watch later. And to keep it easy, each day is a different theme (or track as FHDU have called it).
– Tues 23 March – DNA
– Wed 24 March – Researching Abroad
– Thur 25 March – Australia & New Zealand
– Fri 26 March – Methodology & General

While the conference itself goes for four days, the talks shown then, as well as all of the extra talks are available to watch through until 31 July 2021. So you have some time.

Where do I start? Well there’s everything to do with DNA (from beginners to ethics, to tools, to cold cases and more), to house history, to medieval history, to English research, Irish records, German, Austrian and the Netherlands research. There’s convict rceords and research, military history, headstones, genealogical proof standard, photo restoration, making the most of various websites, genealogy novels, genealogy apps and tools … and so much more!!

Here’s a snippett of the presentations that’ll be going on:

  • Beyond the test: DNA tips, tools, trees & transfers – Louise Coakley
  • Solving cold cases with genetic genealogy: can we, could we, should we? – Debbie Kennett
  • Four ways DNA Painter can help with your family history research – Jonny Perl
  • Genealogy in the Netherlands 101 – John Boeren
  • You can’t research Irish ancestors – Susie Zada
  • Stop thief!: British crimes and punishment – Carol Baxter
  • Deciphering Australian military service records – Ben Hollister
  • Essential sources of information for piecing together convict lives – Professor Hamish Maxwell-Stewart
  • Solving family mysteries: talking headstones – Melanie Dunstan
  • Novelising intrigues in genealogy – Nathan Dylan Goodwin
  • The future of family history – Dr. Nick Barratt
  • Apps & tools for genealogy: how and why they are useful – Shauna Hicks

Trust me there are so many more good talks on offer, so please click here to go to the program and view the full schedule.

The Unlock the Past team who are organising this event, are bringing you 30+ world-class speakers not only from right around Australia, but also from New Zeland, England, Austria, the Netherlands, Israel, Canada and the US. The knowledge and skills that they want to share with you is incredible. You can check out the full listing of presenters on the FHDU website here.

There will be a wide range of special offers to attendees from the ‘exhibitors and sponsors’, but in addition to that everyone who books by Friday, 19 March 2021 (inclusive), is automatically entered into the prize draw. This is a mighty big Prize Draw, with over $10,000 in prizes. These include products, memberships, research consultations, online data subscriptions, DNA kits and a whole heap more!!

Each day is priced at $145 (AUD), or you can book the Megabundle which is all 4 days for $375 (AUD). And you get to view not only the talks that are ‘live’ each day, but also a whole heap of extra talks for each topic. These recordings are available to view through until theend of July 2021 – so you’ll have plenty of time to watch!


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While we can’t meet in person, we’re still super excited to be able to bring such an incredible range of presenters and topics to you. We hope you can join us for FHDU 2021.