If you have an account on Trove, you would have (or should have) received an email recently from the Trove team saying the following …

“All Trove accounts are moving to a new login system on Thursday, April 15 2021. This move will not change how you search, browse or use Trove, or any part of Trove’s design. We’re getting in touch because after the move is complete, you’ll need to reset the password on your Trove account.

For information, visit our Help page on Trove.

Main information
– From the morning of April 15, Trove account login and signup will be unavailable for a short period. You can still browse, search and access items on Trove during this time. We expect the move to take approximately 3 hours.
– When the move is done, you will be able to log in to your Trove account – we will also post a notice on the Help page on Trove, and our Facebook and Twitter advising of this.
– On the Login page on Trove, click Forgot/Reset password.
– You will need to enter your username on the next screen to have a password reset link emailed to you. We have addressed this email to one of your usernames, but you may have more than one.
– Follow the prompts in the email you receive to reset your password. Your new password must be at least 14 characters to meet security requirements– we recommend using four random words you can remember easily.

For more details
For information – including the full schedule of dates and times of the move, what to do if you have multiple usernames and more, please see our Help page on Trove.