There’s no doubt that there’s a myriad of genealogy software programs out there. Online ones, offline ones, specialist programs and more. But how do you know that they do? How do you know what is best for you? A number of them do have free demo’s that you can download and try, and some have videos on YouTube – but still how can you really compare when you can’t see them all?

Well, look no further. The “Genealogy Software Showcase” is launching shortly, and that is its prime focus … to SHOW you what each program looks like, and how it works, so you can see them before you buy, and make up your own mind. It’s NOT a review site, just purely information on how it works, so you can see it, and assess if it is right for you!

Sound good? Well, then head on over to the Genealogy Showcase website and sign up to the newsletter so you’ll keep up with the latest news!

Ed Thompson, creator of Evidentia software is the person behind the Genealogy Software Showcase idea, and in his press release he says the following:

“On the Genealogy Software Showcase, I’m gonna crack open the software and give you a peek inside. I’m gonna show you what the software does, I’m gonna show you how it does it, and I’m going to show you how it compares to other programs in the same genre.”

“This livestream will be presented as part of a new YouTube channel offered free of charge to the genealogy community. We are targeting a weekly format, and hope for viewer feedback to help decide what will be showcased.”

“We are still trying to decide the right day and time. Once decided it will be announced at”

Note: this is a new creation and he’s just getting started, so don’t expect videos of ALL software there yet. But give him time, and you’ll see a bunch there! As he says in his intro video, he will keep going while there’s interest! But I love this whole concept, so I do hope it continues, because not everyone wants to (or can) try out a demo. Besides trying it out isn’t the same as someone showing you what it can do! So congrats to Ed for this concept, I look forward to seeing the videos over the coming months.