AncestryDNA’s annual ethnicity update is starting to roll out now, so existing customers should see an update to their results soon.

They have announced that …

“this will be our most precise breakdown yet. In each update we continue to add new regions, making your results more precise. More people tested means stronger confidence. Our existing DNA reference panel was already impressive, but this new update includes even more DNA samples. With over 40,000 samples in our reference panel, this allows us an even better understanding of genetic signatures around the world for a more detailed picture of where you came from.

Our larger panel allows us to better distinguish between adjacent regions—like Australia and New Zealand—as well as break down larger regions, like East Asia and the Americas, into more detail.

The new version of AncestryDNA’s ethnicity estimates includes more regions in Europe, the Americas, Oceania, and South Asia. And some larger regions such as Ireland, Scotland, Italy, Japan, Russia will be broken down into several smaller regions, with the percentages updated accordingly.

For more on this announcement, together with a long list of FAQs, head to AncestryDNA Ethinicity Estimate Update.