With the sudden closure of pretty much everything  back in March, including genealogy societies, libraries and local history groups – it left a lot of groups in limbo. While they’re organised for regular on site meetings, they simply aren’t set up to deliver talks online to members, usually because they don’t know how to go about the process.

So as a way for societies to still reach their members during lockdown, Susie Zada from the Victorian Association of Family History Organisations (VAFHO) has created a tutorial video, taking viewers step-by-step through this very process. It’s a way of still having guest speakers without members being in the same room, or even having to travel.

She writes …

“Many Family History and Local History Societies have developed their own solution for continuing to function through this period of isolation and distancing (COVID-19). If your Society doesn’t have an interim solution or is looking for an alternative one, this may be a simple option. This is a method of providing your members with a ‘live’ speaker presentation each month.”

You can download her tutorial video (MP4 file) here and see how it could work for you and your society or group.  (Note: There is a larger file and a smaller one – choose either.)

She goes on to say that if you struggle to get local speakers, or you are a smaller group, or in a remote region this is a method that could certainly be used into the future as well.

For more information, you can read the original post here.