While the world is going into self distancing, or lockdown, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, there’s been non-stop news and email about it for sure.

But one Australian state library is wanting to archive what they can for posterity, and they are after your help.

The State Library of New South Wales is requesting that you don’t throw out any brochures, posters, signs etc. that relate to COVID-19, as they would like them for their collection.

Their announcement is as follows …

We are collecting posters, flyers and mail-outs appearing in our local neighbourhoods in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While many people will eventually discard this material, it provides invaluable information about this significant event impacting our community and nation. The State Library collects this ephemeral material, as well as online content including websites, digital ephemera and social media posts, to help tell our stories to future generations.

We appreciate your help in preserving this material. Please put this material aside for the Library and we will send a ‘call out’ for you to mail or drop the material into the Library when we reopen.

As mentioned above they are currently closed, but will advise everyone when they reopen, so you can then post or deliver your ephemera to them then.

In the meantime stay stay safe, remember social distancing, and keep collecting the COVID-19 ephemera.