It’s been a while since I did a Trove newspapers update, so this is rather overdue, and covers historical Australian newspapers scanned and online on Trove from August 2019 through to today (22 April 2020).

The Australian historical newspaper collection online grows, thanks to those who ‘sponsor’ papers to be digitsed as well as the newspaper digitisation team at the National Library of Australia. The State Library of Western Australia has ‘sponsored’ a lot, so there are heaps of new Western Australian titles listed.

Since my last update back in July 2019, Trove has added over 2.5 million more newspaper scans to their collection, taking the current total to a whopping 227,321,619. That’s right … over 227 MILLION pages … online … and free for everyone. So what are you waiting for? There’s millions of amazing stories just waiting to be discovered.

Here’s the list the titles they’ve released over the past few months, as well as those that are coming soon.

*** WHAT’S NEW ***

Albury Banner and Wodonga Express (NSW: 1881-1896)
Bananacoast Opinion (Coffs Harbour, NSW: 1973 – 1978)
Border Morning Mail (Albury, NSW: 1938-1943)
The News (Shoalhaven, NSW: 1867)
Nota (Hawks Nest and Tea Gardens, NSW: 1970-1983)

The Catholic Advocate (Brisbane, Qld: 1911-1928)

The Yellow Flag and Torrens Island Terror (Adelaide, SA: 1901)

Arena-Sun (Melbourne, Vic: 1900-1904)
The Ballarat Courier (Vic: 1883)
Chiltern Leader (Vic: 1896-1898)
The Express, Melton (Vic: 1943-1954)
Great Southern Advocate (Korumburra, Vic: 1919-1926)
Melton Express (Vic: 1915- 1943)
The Moe Register and Narracan Shire Advocate (Vic: 1888-1889)
Narracan Shire Advocate (Vic: 1889-1891)
Mountain District Free Press (Vic: 1947-1954)
Richmond Australian (Vic: 1912-1916)
Richmond Guardian (Vic: 1907-1909; 1915-1916)

The Advertiser (Fremantle, WA: 1921-1932)
The Albany Observer (WA: 1890-1891)
The Argonaut (Perth, WA: 1899-1900)
Blackwood-Warren Sentinel (Bridgetown, WA: 1950-1954)
Bonnie Rock-Lake Brown-Mukinbudin Leader (WA: 1934-1939)
Bullfinch Budget (WA: 1910-1911)
Bullfinch Miner and Yilgarn Advocate (WA: 1910)
Cathedral Chronicle (Geraldton, WA: 1931-1954)
Central Districts Advertiser and Agriculture and Mining Journal (Northam, WA: 1893-1895)
Central Districts Advocate (Goomalling, WA: 1922-1924)
The Christian Herald (Perth, WA: 1882)
Clare’s Weekly (Perth, WA: 1897-1899)
Coastal Districts Star (Perth, WA: 1952- 1954)
Collie Mail (Perth, WA: 1908-1954)
Collie Times (WA: 1935)
Corrigin Broadcaster and Peoples Weekly (WA: 1930-1933)
Corrigin Chronicle and Kunjin-Bullaring Representative (WA: 1925-1943)
Daily Advertiser (Geraldton, WA: 1890-1893)
Dampier Despatch (Broome, WA: 1904-1905)
Dampier Herald (Kununoppin, WA: 1928-1937)
Dampier Herald and Bencubbin Chronicle (Kununoppin, WA: 1937-1943)
Dampier Herald and Nungarin standard (Kununoppin, WA: 1943-1954)
The Dawn (Perth, WA: 1918-1954)
Democrat (Perth, WA: 1904-1905)
Dumbleyung-Lake Grace-Newdegate Cultivator and Kukerin and Moulyinning Producer (WA: 1930)
East Murchison News (WA: 1901-1911)
The Eastern Recorder (Kellerberrin, WA: 1909-1954)
Esperance Times (WA: 1896-1898)
Evening Courier (Fremantle, WA: 1902-1903)
The Evening Mail (Fremantle, WA: 1905-1910)
The Evening Times (Fremantle, WA: 1888)
The Express (Fremantle, WA: 1870-1871)
The Express (Perth, WA: 1872-1873)
The Fremantle Advocate (WA: 1926-1942)
Fremantle Courier (WA: 1902)
The Fremantle Herald (WA: 1913-1915, 1919-1921)
The Fremantle Times (WA: 1919-1921, 1932)
Geraldton Observer (WA: 1880-1881)
Gnowangerup Star (WA: 1942-1954)
The Golden Age (Coolgardie, WA: 1894-1898)
The Great North-West (Perth, WA: 1904)
Greenbushes Advocate and Donnybrook and Bridgetown Advertiser (WA: 1899- 1902)
The Guardian: Suburban and Municipal Recorder (Claremont, WA: 1903-1908)
Kalamunda and District News (WA: 1952-1954)
Kalgoorlie and Boulder Standard (WA: 1897-1898)
Kalgoorlie Miner (WA: 1895-1954)
Kanowna Democrat and North East Coolgardie Advertiser (WA: 1896-1897)
Kanowna Herald (WA: 1898)
The Kendenup Index (WA: 1921-1923)
Kondinin-Kulin Kourier and Karlgarin Advocate (WA: 1926-1941)
Kondinin Wheatlander and Kulin and Karlgarin Gazette (WA: 1926-1927)
Kookynie Advocate and Northern Goldfields News (WA: 1903-1904)
Koorda Record (WA: 1934-1939)
Laverton and Beria Mercury (Laverton, WA: 1899-1921)
The Leader (Perth, WA: 1923-1928)
Liberty (Fremantle, WA: 1891-1892)
Listening Post (Perth, WA: 1891-1954)
The Magpie (Perth, WA: 1923)
Manjimup and Warren Times (WA: 1927-1954)
The Miners’ Daily News (Menzies, WA: 1896-1898)
The Mirror (Perth, WA: 1905-1910)Morning Post (Geraldton, WA: 1895-1896)
Mullewa Magnet and Perenjori-Morawa Advertiser (WA: 1927-1928)
Murchison Magnet and Mullewa Mercury (WA: 1926-1927)
The Murchison Times (Cue, WA: 1925-1937)
Murchison Times and Cue-Big Bell-Reedy Advocate (WA: 1937-1942)
Nelson Advocate (WA: 1926-1938)
Nor-West Echo (Broome, WA: 1912-1919)
North-Eastern Courier (Perth, WA: 1923-1954)
The Northern Grazier and Miner (Leonora, WA: 1929-1944)
The Northern Producer and Morawa and District Advertiser (WA: 1930-1947)
The Northern Producer and Morawa and Perenjori Advertiser (WA: 1928-1930)
Northern Public Opinion and Mining and Pastoral News (Roebourne, WA: 1894-1902)
Northern Times (Carnarvon, WA: 1952-1954)Once a Week (Perth, WA: 1889)
The People (Perth, WA: 1891-1892)
The Perenjori Pioneer (WA: 1930-1933)
The Phillips River Times (Ravensthorpe, WA: 1908-1909)
Pingelly Express (WA: 1905-1906)
Pink Penny (Perth, WA : 1909)
Southern Cross Herald (WA: 1894-1896)
Southern Cross Miner (WA: 1899-1902)
Sunday Chronicle (Perth, WA: 1897-1899)
The Sunday Press (Perth, WA: 1902-1903)
The Swan and Canning Times and Hills Gazette (Perth, WA: 1926-1928)
The Swan, Helena Vale and Guildford Advertiser (WA: 1897)
The Temperance Advocate (Perth, WA: 1882)
The Umpire (Fremantle, WA: 1896-1903)
The W.A. Table Talk (Perth, WA: 1921)
The Wagin Argus and Arthur, Dumbleyung, Lake Grace Express (WA: 1924-1954)
The Weekly Herald (Fremantle, WA: 1922-1926) [State Library of WA]
Weekly Judge (Perth, WA: 1919-1931)
Western Women (Perth, WA: 1914-1919)
Wheatbelt Wheatsheaf and Dampier Advocate (Merredin, WA: 1930-1939)
The Wiluna Miner (WA: 1931-1947)
York Gazette and Quairading and Dangin Herald (WA: 1930-1931)

A Voz de Timor (Dili, East Timor: 1965-1975)



Note: a number of titles that are listed in Trove’s own list of “What’s Coming” have been released, and their list not yet updated. So the few below that those that I found were not yet released. I’m looking forward to seeing what else is coming, when they update their list.

The Swan and Canning Leader (Victoria Park, WA: 1928-1931) [State Library of WA]
The Swan Leader (Victoria Park, WA: 1931-1937) [State Library of WA]
The Weekly Herald (Fremantle, WA : 1922 – 1926) [State Library of WA]


If you as an individual, community group or government organisation are interested in seeing particular newspapers digitised that haven’t been digitised already, please have a read of their ‘Partner with us’ page, and get in touch with the Australian Newspaper Digitisation Plan team at the National Library of Australia (