The Victorian Community History Awards are on again. Held annually since 1998, these awards are organised by Royal Historical Society of Victoria in co-operation with the Public Record Office Victoria, with the aim of recognising contributions made by Victorians in the preservation of the state’s fascinating history.

The Awards are open to anyone (organisations and/or residents) from Australia as long as the subject matter is limited to history primarily relating to the state of Victoria – which being the “Victorian History Awards” is totally understandable and fair.

Covering a variety of formats, the Victorian Community History Awards are divided into the following categories:

Victoria’s Community History Award, $5000
This award recognises the most outstanding community history project submitted in any category.

Collaborative Community History Award, $2000
This award recognises the best collaborative community work involving significant contributions from several individuals, groups or historical societies.

Local History Project Award, $2000
This award recognises the best activity to enhance access and awareness of records of significance to local communities, including but not limited to, digitising, indexing and original research.

History Publication Award, $2000
Recongises the best non-fiction publication or e-book on Victorian history, which could include a biography or a story of social, urban, institutional, regional or cultural history.

Local History – Small Publication Award, $1500
This award recognises the best small publication or e-book (maximum 200 pages) which which features Victorian local, cultural or social history.

Digital Storytelling Award, $1500
This one recognises the best digital presentation of history, including, but not limited to, multimedia presentations, mobile or online applications, videos and podcasts.

Community Diversity Award, $1500
The Community Diversity Award recognises the publication of project which reflects diversity and inclusion, and tells the history of cultural diversity in Victoria.

Oral History Award, $1500
This award recognises the best oral history presentation in any format that uses first person interviews with individuals with unique life experiences and memories. Visit for examples of oral history.

Historical Interpretation Award – $1500
Recognises the project which best uses a unique format of historical representation, for instance history related experiences told though physical exhibitions, artistic or musical interpretations, walks or tours.

History Article – $500
This award recognises the best article featuring Victorian history (not necessarily entirely focused on Victoria) published in a journal. Articles must be written in a scholarly style using appropriate conventions of citation.


Entrants’ work must be have been completed (published, exhibited or launched) between 1 July 2019 and 30 June 2020.

You can download an application form from here, or complete the form online.

For further information please contact the Royal Historical Society of Victoria by email:
phone: (03) 9326 9288 or 0400 387 877

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