RootsTech, the biggest genealogy event in the world is starting in just over a week, with an expected attendance of abour 25,000 from all around the world.

Not only that, but they will also be livesteaming a number of the talks for free. So for those at home, you can still learn from many of the world’s best presenters.

The Livestream schedule was released, but to make life easier, I have converted the time from US Mountain time, to UK, AU (Sydney), and also NZ times. While I wouldn’t expect a lot of Aussie’s to get up at 2am for the opening session, I know some die-hard’s do.

And for those who are #NotAtRootsTech, don’t forget that you can see more of RootsTech by buying a “Virtual Pass”. For US$129 for you can see another 20 presentations, which are available for a few months to watch at a time that suits you. For more details on that, CLICK HERE.

RootsTech 2020 Livestream schedule

PresentationUS time (SLC)UK timeAUS time (SYD)NZ time
Photos Capture the Story—Jens NielsenWed, 26 Feb, 8.00amWed, 26 Feb, 3.00pmThu, 27 Feb, 2.00amThu, 27 Feb, 4.00am
What’s New at Ancestry—Crista CowanWed, 26 Feb, 9.30amWed, 26 Feb, 4,30pmThu, 27 Feb, 3.30amThu, 27 Feb, 5.30am
The Story of You on FamilySearchWed, 26 Feb, 11.00amWed, 26 Feb 6.00pmThu, 27 Feb, 5.00amThu, 27 Feb, 7.00am
Adding Branches to Your Family Tree Using DNA—Angie BushWed, 26 Feb. 1.30pmWed, 26 Feb, 7.30pmThu, 27 Feb, 6.30amThu, 27 Feb, 8.30am
Finding Your Elusive Female Ancestors—Julie StoddardWed, 26 Feb, 3.00pmWed, 26 Feb, 9.00pmThu, 27 Feb, 8.00amThu, 27 Feb, 10.00am
General Session – 10-year Celebration and Keynote from Steve Rockwood, CEO of FamilySearch InternationalWed, 26 Feb, 4.30pmWed, 26 Feb, 10.30pmThu, 27 Feb, 9.30amThu, 27 Feb, 11.30am
Unlocking the Power of the FamilySearch Wiki—Danielle Batson, Jenny Hansen, Jeff SvareThu, 27 Feb, 8.00amThu, 27 Feb, 3.00pmFri, 28 Feb, 2.00amFri, 27 Feb, 4.00am
German Research for the Everyday American—Karynne MosesThu, 27 Feb, 9.30amThu, 27 Feb, 4.30pmFri, 28 Feb, 3.30amFri, 28 Feb, 5.30am
General Session featuring Leigh Anne TuohyThu, 27 Feb, 11.00amThu, 27 Feb, 6.00pmFri, 28 Feb, 5.00amFri, 28 Feb, 7.00am
DNA, Genealogy, and Law Enforcement: All the Facts—Blaine BettingerThu, 27 Feb, 1.30pmThu, 27 Feb, 7.30pmFri, 28 Feb, 6.30amFri, 28 Feb, 8.30am
Tackling Difficult Chapters of our Family History—Cheri DanielsThu, 27 Feb, 3.00pmThu, 27 Feb, 9.00pmFri, 28 Feb, 8.00amFri, 28 Feb, 10.00am
Discover Your Family with Interviews and Sources—Mat and Rachel TrotterFri, 28 Feb, 8.00amFri, 28 Feb, 3.00pmSat, 29 Feb, 2.00amSat, 29 Feb, 4.00am
2019: Year of the Copyright—Judy RussellFri, 28 Feb, 9.30amFri, 28 Feb, 4.30pmSat, 29 Feb, 3.30amSat, 29 Feb, 5.30am
General Session featuring David Kennerly—Sponsored by CanonFri, 28 Feb, 11.00amFri, 28 Feb, 6.00pmSat, 29 Feb, 5.00amSat, 29 Feb, 7.00am
City Directories and Other New Collections on MyHeritage—Mike MansfieldFri, 28 Feb, 1.30pmFri, 28 Feb, 7.30pmSat, 29 Feb, 6.30amSat, 29 Feb, 8.30am
Preserving the Fabric of our Families—Jennifer HadleyFri, 28 Feb, 3.00pmFri, 28 Feb, 9.00pmSat, 29 Feb, 8.00amSat, 29 Feb, 10.00am
Ancestry On the Go: Ancestry App Suite—Peter Drinkwater, Kenric Russell, Victoria SmithSat, 29 Feb, 8.00amSat, 29 Feb, 3.00pmSun, 1 Mar, 2.00amSun, 1 Mar, 4.00am
FamilySearch App for Intermediate/Advanced Users—Todd PowellSat, 29 Feb, 9.30amSat, 29 Feb, 4.30pmSun, 1 Mar, 3.30amSun, 1 Mar, 5.30am
General Session featuring Emmitt SmithSat, 29 Feb, 11.00amSat, 29 Feb, 6.00pmSun, 1 Mar, 5.00amSun, 1 Mar, 7.00am
Healing and Family History-The Emotional Side of DNA—Robin WirthlinSat, 29 Feb, 1.30pmSat, 29 Feb, 7.30pmSun, 1 Mar, 6.30amSun, 1 Mar, 8.30am
Introduction to What Are the Odds? (WATO)—Leah LarkinSat, 29 Feb, 3.00pmSat, 29 Feb, 9.00pmSun, 1 Mar, 8.00amSun, 1 Mar, 10.00am