Calling all genealogy bloggers and social media fanatics. You are invited to participate in Unlock the Past’s Family History Down Under (FHDU) event by becoming a FHDU Ambassador.

Ambassadors help to promote the event through social media, newsletters and friends, colleagues, events they attend and to everyone interested in genealogy.

The Unlock the Past team has assembled a group of world-class presenters already (with many more amazing announcements to come) for what will be Australia’s biggest genealogy event, in March 2021, on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

They invite applications for Ambassadors from those who can offer significant opportunity to promote FHDU to people, and in places that they may not otherwise reach (e.g. your own mailing list, organisation, event or Facebook group).

The offer of being an Ambassador is not limited to just those in Australia, you can be from anywhere, but you do have to attend the Family History Down Under event to qualify.

If you’re interested please email to request Ambassador information and an application form. Ambassadors must be booked into FHDU when submitting an application.

Applications close Saturday, 29 February 2020

Successful applicants will be notified soon after the close of applications.

For more information about Family History Down Under, please head to the website, and join the Facebook Group to chat with others who are going.