While it’s not surprising that Ancestry continues to lead the industry with world’s largest consumer DNA network, what is news is that they have just passed the 15 million mark.

That’s right 15-M-I-L-L-I-O-N people have tested with AncestryDNA. That’s a lot of potential cousins.

In their announcement they say …

Today Ancestry, the global leader in family history and consumer genomics, announced its consumer DNA network has reached over 15 million completed samples. With the company’s growing network and innovative research tools, Ancestry can now provide customers with even more DNA matches, further detailed ethnicity insights, and ultimately, help more people around the globe discover their unique family story.

“Ancestry is honored to play a role in empowering the journeys of personal discovery for 15 million people around the world,” said Cathy Ball, Chief Scientific Officer, Ancestry. “The size of this community is a true sign of how deeply important it is for people to connect and learn about their past. As the network continues to grow, we can deliver even more value to our members, including more granular insights about heritage, and provide compelling new paths to learn about ourselves using genetics.”

Ancestry.com launched AncestryDNA in the US in 2012, then branched out to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland and England during 2015, and it seems to have become a worldwide phenomenon. While it took until mid-2016 to hit the 2 million DNA testers mark, that number has skyrocketed ever since.

With more and more people testing worldwide, finding out their ethnicity, together with finding family connections, DNA has proved itself to be a useful tool which can be used in conjuction with traditional paper-trail genealogy.

For more information on Ancestry’s growing DNA network and innovative research tools, please visit https://www.ancestry.com/dna/.