It wasn’t very long ago that the Virtual Genealogical Society (VGS) was announced. They launched, people around the world joined, and the webinars with great presenters have been going great.

However it wasn’t long before the Society was served with a cease-and-desist letter, which has forced them to change the name of the group.

So now the group is known as the Virtual Genealogical Association (VGA). Along with the new name, they have a new URL, and new social media links.

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Big kudos to the people making this group happen. You’ve handled this issue in the most respectable way possible.

Despite the name change, everything else about the VGA stays the same.

Their aim is still … “to provide a forum for genealogists to connect, network, and mentor with genealogists around the world through monthly meetings online, webinars, social networking, annual conferences, and in-person meet-ups at conferences, institutes and events around the world.”

Membership is still just US$20 per year and provides:
– 24/7 access to Members-Only section of website
– Recorded monthly webinars by nationally-known speakers
– Webinar handouts
– Live chat with featured speakers in members-only Facebook group
– Fillable PDF forms for family history research
– Digitised monthly newsletter
– Eligibility for prizes offered during monthly webinars
– Access to Special Interest Group (SIG) discussions and handouts
– Discount on annual virtual conference registration cost
– Eligibility for prizes during annual virtual conference
– Discounts on genealogy software, databases, publications and products
– Members-only Facebook group for networking, mentoring, and socialising

For details of the past webinars (as well as those upcoming), check out their calendar. And while you’re there, have a look at the info on their 3 day Virtual conference which is on in November 2018.