For those in the UK, have recently revamped their subscription packages, and now offer Starter, Plus and Pro options.

In addition to the new subscriptions, the 1939 Register is now available to monthly subscribers for the first time, in both the Plus and Pro subscriptions, and give unlimited access to this wartime “census”. This essential resource, only available online through Findmypast, plugs a vital 30-year gap in British records and is the only surviving record of the civilian population of England and Wales between 1921 and 1951.

the new subscription options

The new UK subscription options include:

  • STARTER – this is perfect to get you going on your journey
    For beginners, the Starter package offers the simplicity of starting with essential census and BMD (birth, marriages and death) records, and includes full access to Findmypast’s family tree hinting system, allowing users to quickly trace their family’s story back to 1837. As it’s designed specifically for beginners, the package also includes Findmypast’s search functionality, support content, live chat and instant help – and all new subscribers will receive a free Getting Started guide. Monthly/annual prices: £8.95/£72.
  • PLUS – a great package for the keen hobbyist
    The Plus package is designed for those wanting to take their research to the next level. Which is why, for the first time, Findmypast has included the 1939 Register in a monthly subscription. This unique record set will now be available to even more members of the genealogy community, enabling more people than ever before to discover their civilian ancestors in England and Wales at the start of World War 2. Beyond the 1939 Register, all parish, military, education, institutions and social history records as well as all electoral registers, directories, and travel and migration records will help Plus subscribers delve deep into their family trees. Monthly/annual prices: £12.95/£120.
  • PRO – for those who are serious about their research and want access to everything
    The Pro package contains everything the serious or professional genealogist needs to explore the lives of their ancestors in detail. From access to the largest online collection of British and Irish newspapers in the world to all of Findmypast’s global record sets and advanced resources such as PERSI, this package contains all a researcher needs to bring their ancestors’ stories to life. And with priority customer support, exclusive Webinars and advanced education aimed at experienced genealogists, Findmypast will help Pro subscribers expand their research every step of the way. Monthly/annual prices: £15.95/£156.

Findmypast Australia subscription options

Findmypast Australia
For those in Australia and New Zealand, offer two subscriptions, and have 1 month and 12 month options for both

  • Australia
    Includes access to over 95 million Australia and New Zealand records, as well as passenger lists from the UK to Australia. Monthly/annual prices AUD$9.95/AUD$114.50
  • World
    If you’re in Australia or New Zealand and need records beyond those boundaries, you’ve got the option of a World subscription, which gives you access to over 8 billion records. All Australia, all New Zealand, all UK, all Ireland, all US and Canada too. Monthly/annual prices AUD$19.95/AUD$239.50

Findmypast US subscription options

Findmypast US 
Our friends in the US and Canada, you also have two subscription packages and these come as as 1 month and 12 month options. Visit for details …

  • Starter
    This starter package allows users access to 2.9 billion records including, US birth, marriage and death records, US immigration and travel records, US newspaper articles, UK/Ireland census records, as well as US census records, and Irish Parish Catholic Registers. Monthly/annual prices USD$9.95/USD$34.95
  • Premium
    Apart from including everything that’s in the Starter package, subscribing to the Premium package gives you access to: the US marriage records (premium set includes 360 years of records), Irish records including the Griffiths Valuation, UK Parish registers, US Catholic records, Irish and Griffiths maps, and British and Irish newspaper pages. It also includes the UK 1939 Register. Monthly/annual prices USD$19.95/USD$239.50

Findmypast Ireland subscription options

Findmypast Ireland
For those with Irish roots, has to be on your list of resources to use. Similar to the Australian subscription, in that it comes in two options: Ireland and World, so that’s nice and simple. And they both are available as 1 month and 12 months options.

  • Ireland
    Subscribing to Findmypast Ireland for just their Irish records gives you access to millions of Irish census and birth, death & marriage records, exclusive land records and Irish Prison Registers dating from the 18th century, exclusive Court records and Petty Sessions Order Books from 1842 to 1913, and the most comprehensive collection of directories available online. As well as extensive passenger lists of ships destined for Australia, New Zealand, Canada & the US. Monthly/annual prices €9.95/€114.50
  • World
    If you research goes much broader that just Ireland, you might like to choose the World subscription option. This gives you access to over 8 billion records. Which includes all Ireland, all Australia, all New Zealand, all UK (including the 1939 Register), and all US and Canada too. Monthly/annual prices €19.95/€239.50