roll of microfilm

The following is an announcement from FamilySearch, and will affect everyone who orders in microfilms.

“On September 1, 2017, FamilySearch will discontinue its microfilm distribution services. (The last day to order microfilm will be on August 31, 2017.)

The change is the result of significant progress made in FamilySearch’s microfilm digitization efforts and the obsolescence of microfilm technology.

• Online access to digital images of records allows FamilySearch to reach many more people, faster and more efficiently.

• Over 1.5 million microfilms (ca. 1.5 billion images) have been digitized by FamilySearch, including the most requested collections based on microfilm loan records worldwide.

• The remaining microfilms should be digitized by the end of 2020, and all new records from its ongoing global efforts are already using digital camera equipment.

• Family History Centers will continue to provide access to relevant technology, premium subscription services, and digital records, including restricted content not available at home.

You can read the full announcement of the microfilm discontinuation here.

So while FamilySearch’s aim is to get everything digitised and accessible by 2020, which is an incredible feat if it can be done, that does still affect everyone who was likely to order in microfilms over the next three years. So if you use FamilySearch microfilms, you might want to get ordering them now … while you still can.

Still in reality three years in genealogy is not that long. Just think of how long you’ve been researching you family history already?