Now here’s some big news just out of England regarding “Who Do You Think You Are? LIVE” …

“News from Immediate Media today is that that the long standing show Who Do You Think You Are? Live will no longer take place.”

This is massive news, as this is THE event to go to for people not only in the UK, but it does attract many from overseas too.

This event has been always been a big event on the genealogy community’s calendar since 2007, and has been attracting between 10,000-15,000 attendees in recent years. The only one that surpassed this was RootsTech in the US.

Who Do You Think You Are? LIVE is run primarily as a large trade show, attracting hundreds of exhibitors, with many booths holding their own mini-talks, and ask an expert type thing – it will certainly be missed, and will leave a big gap in UKs genealogy calendar.

With 2017’s Who Do You Think You Are? LIVE having been run only a few weeks ago, we were all waiting for the announcement of the dates for 2018. Instead we hear that it’s ceasing. I don’t think anyone expected to hear that. The demise of this mega-genealogy-event is sad news for the genealogy community.

For more on Who Do You Think You Are? LIVE closing its doors, read here.

And if you weren’t able to attend, you can see photos from the recent 2017 Who Do You Think You Are? LIVE on their website