Trove Newspapers (January-April 2017 Update)

The collection of old Australian newspapers available on Trove continues to grow. It was back in January when I last gave you an update of what was new and coming, so it was time to recheck their list. And as you’ll see the digitisation team at the National Library of Australia continue to keep busy scanning, adding new (old) newspapers to the ever-expanding online archive.

The Trove website currently contains a total of over half a billion (538,069,722) records, with 205,904,237 million of them being historic newspapers. That’s over 11.5 million new records added since early January, with over 1.2 of them being new old newspapers.

Here’s the list the latest titles they’ve released over the past few months, as well as those that are coming soon.

*** WHAT’S NEW ***

Commonwealth of Australia Gazette (National 1901-1973)

Casino and Kyogle Courier and North Coast Advertiser (NSW: 1904-1932)
The Kyogle Examiner (NSW: 1912; 1914-1915; 1917-1954)
Macleay Argus (Kempsey, NSW: 1885-1907; 1909-1910; 1912-1913; 1915-1916; 1918-1954)
Smith’s Weekly (Sydney, NSW: 1919 – 1950)
The Young Chronicle (NSW: 1902-1910; 1913-1915; 1924-1934; 1936-1940)

Bent’s News and Tasmanian Register (Hobart Town, Tas.: 1837-1838)
The Independent (Launceston, Tas.: 1831-1835)
The Irish Exile and Freedom’s Advocate (Hobart Town, Tas.: 1850-1851)
The News (Hobart, Tas.: 1924-1925)
The Tasmanian and Austral-Asiatic Review (Hobart Town, Tas.: 1844-1845)
The Tasmanian Democrat (Launceston, Tas.: 1891-1898)
Tasmanian Weekly Dispatch (Hobart Town, Tas.: 1839-1841)
Weekly Examiner (Launceston, Tas.: 1872-1878)
The Weekly Times (Hobart Town, Tas.: 1863)

The Magnet Mirror and Murchison Reflector (Meekatharra, WA: 1928-1935)
The Manganese Record, Peak Hill, Nullagine and Marble Bar Gazette (Meekatharra, WA: 1928-1941)
The Mt. Leonora Miner (WA: 1899-1910)
The Murchison Times and Day Dawn Gazette (Cue, WA: 1894-1925)
The Yalgoo Observer and Murchison Chronicle (Meekatharra, WA: 1923-1941)



Daily News (Tweed Heads, NSW: 1938-1940) ); [State Library of NSW]
The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW: 1879-1906); [State Library of NSW]
Labor Daily (NSW: 1924-1938); [State Library of NSW]
Millthorpe Post (1900-1901); [Millthorpe and District Historical Society]
Tribune (Communist Party of Australia: 1955-1974); [State Library of NSW and The Search Foundation]

Moreton Mail (1886-1889); [Moreton Bay Regional Libraries]

The Citizen (Port Adelaide, SA: Nov. 1938-May 1940); [Renewal SA]
The Gateway (Port Adelaide, SA: 30 Aug 1946-29 Nov 1946); [Renewal SA]
Port Adelaide District Pictorial (14 Mar 1952-14 Jan 1954); [Renewal SA]
The Progressive Times (Largs North, SA: 16 May 1949-Feb 1951); [Renewal SA]
Seaport News Review (21 Jan 1954-29 Apr 1954); [Renewal SA]

The Evening Echo (Ballarat, VIC: 1914-1918); [State Library Victoria]
The Star (Ballarat, VIC: 1856) [Ballarat Library]

Hamersley News (180-1987) [State Library of Western Australia]

3 thoughts on “Trove Newspapers (January-April 2017 Update)

  1. Roma Naismith says:

    Have found out a great deal about my family on Trove. Thankyou it is very informative.

  2. because I do any family history it is a must stop to gather many of those important details not otherwise found.. I visit on an average 2nd daily

  3. ‘Tis great to hear that digitization is still a priority.
    Australia has a lot to offer to it’s people when it comes to Genealogy and to me this is the first port of call giving you a clue for your next move.
    I will continue to do my bit and correct the digitized copies, so that others can then find what they are looking for in their quest, and if everyone did just that when they are searching, and it looks out of place, all you have to do is correct it and save, all done move on to the next. TROVE is bookmarked on every browser I use.

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