So you’ve made the switch to ebooks. And why not, as they are cheaper, they don’t take up room on the bookshelf, you get them quicker, and so much easier to take with you when travelling. And if you’re into genealogy why not add some genealogy-related publications to your ebook collection too?

Genealogy Ebooks (or Gen-Ebooks as it is known) is one of Australia’s largest Ebook stores, well it is for genealogy anyway. It is the site to get ebook versions of Unlock the Past guide books and Archive Digital Books Australasia titles. They currently have over 550 titles, with more new titles being added every month, all instantly downloadable.

One of the regular questions we hear is “how do I download an ebook from Gen-Ebooks?”. So if you’re new to Gen-Ebooks, or new to downloading ebooks, here is step-by-step details on how to do it from their website.


Firstly you simply add items to your cart as you do on any website, and go through the checkout. If you’ve already registered, you can log in, if not, you can register as you go through the checkout.

After submitting your order you should receive an email within a few minutes with the download information in it, including a (blue hyperlink) download link, but for some email clients (Hotmail in particular) this does not work.

So the best way to get access to your download is as follows (remember to do this on whichever device you want to read it on).

1. log into your account on Gen-Ebooks

2. When logged in, you will have a menu on the left relating to ‘my account’ at the bottom of the menu is ‘My Downloadable Products.’

3. Click this, and you should see the products you have ordered and how many downloads are left.

list of “My Downloadable Products”

4. Move over the ‘pdf file – …mb’ link with your mouse, it should turn green, then click this to download.

5. It will open up the publication (often in a new window).

6. You then need to click on the download button on your computer or device (usually its on the top bar).

7. At least on some devices it will then give you the option of choosing where you’d like to save this file. You might like to make a folder for all your Ebooks, and title it something like “My Gen-Ebooks Downloads” or “My Genealogy Ebooks”, but you can call it whatever.

8. Once downloaded you can open it up in whatever reader you use, that can read a PDF file.


Gen-Ebooks have recently launched a new website with better searching, which includes multi-currency pricing, so you can see what price is in your own currency. They still have their 50% specials each month, as well as a free ebook for you as well. So if you haven’t checked them out, or not recently anyway, head on over to …