There are millions of blogs out there … on just about any topic that you can think of, including family history, genealogy and history.

But which ones should you follow? Back in 2013 Jill Ball and Inside History Magazine put together a listing of the Top 50 Blogs You Need To Read, and I must say that is a great list. So do yourself a favour and check it out.

However, if you don’t have time to subscribe and follow all 50, here’s just 12 Australian history/genealogy related ones that we have chosen.


Ancestry Australia
Keep up to date with’s latest releases, informational posts and, and sometimes fun posts from the folks at Ancestry Australia.

Family History Research
Kerry Farmer is one of the most knowledgeable people in Australia when it comes to genetic genealogy, and she uses her blog to convey this. With numerous posts on DNA, she also writes about other Australia-related records as well.

Findmypast Australia
Findmypast are one of the big players in the online genealogy data field. And if you follow their Australian blog you’ll keep up to date with the latest releases, tips on how to use their site, and other useful historical tidbits.

Genealogy and HIstory News
I’m not one for self-promotion, but I believe our blog is a good one to follow to keep to date with a lot of Australian (and worldwide) genealogy and history news.

Jill Ball is well known around the world, particularly through social media circles, and has spoken at numerous conferences in Australia and overseas. She is also one of Australia’s earliest geneabloggers. She writes about anything history and genealogy related: programs, events, books, newspaper articles, blogging tips and more – it’s an eclectic mix. But there’s lot of good advice and humour mixed in. And her collection of interesting articles in her GAG’s posts (GeniAus’s Gems) are always a great read.

If you are into, or are thinking about getting into DNA testing, Louise’s Genie1 blog is one that you should take a look at. Passionate about genealogy and genetic genealogy, she uses her knowledge to educate others.

Inside History Magazine
Australia’s best history and genealogy magazine extends beyond the pages by having a great blog.

Judy Webster
Judy is well-known in the Australian genealogy scene as a researcher, speaker, and through the indexes she has compiled and has on her website. Not to mention the plethora of blogs of she writes as well. If you’re interested in Queensland research her Queensland Genealogy blog is a must.

National Archives of Australia
The National Archives of Australia (NAA) has four blogs, one on preservation, their labs one covers the latest website developments, another on the Constitution, and the secret history of Australian Censorship. Between all of those there is plenty of good reading.

National Library of Australia
The National Library of Australia have two blogs, “Behind the Scenes”, and “Trove”. Both are worth a read to keep up with the latest, but you might like to also subscribe to their eNews newsletter, which contains Library news, new collection items, online content, exhibitions, events and more.

Shauna Hicks
Shauna would be one of the best-known Australian genealogy speakers and authors. And she has two blogs. Firstly her Diary of an Australian Genealogist is pretty much as the title suggests. It is a diary of her genealogy-related happenings: talks she’s been to, research she’s been working on, books she’s read or written, events that are upcoming and so on. While her Genie Rambles blog is more indepth on her research, and specific events.

That Moment in Time
Chris Goopy is the author of too-many blogs to count, and “That Moment in Time” is just one them. With a strong interest in finding interesting articles on Trove, and her “Friday Fossicking” posts make a great read. And if you have an interest in Ireland, you’ll find some of her others blogs of interest.


I’m not saying that these are the only good ones out there. Not by a long way. But to keep the numbers to just to just 12 I have omitted the State Library blogs for each state, the State genealogy societies, and the major archive repositories as well, all of which are well worth following. There’s also a heap of wonderful regional blogs, again totally worth following if they cover your region. And numerous other indiviudal bloggers as well.

For more Australian Genealogy blogs, have a look at Unlock The Past’s list of several hundred here, and Thomas MacEntee’s Geneablogger’s list has even more. Click here for the full list of over 3000 (but then type Australia in the search box to narrow it down).

Blogs are not only fascinating to read, they can be educational, and a way of learning about family, about life in the past, about new (old) records, about how to preserve items … and so much more.

So sit back over the holday period and happy reading…