newspaper_pileNews from the National Library of Australia’s historical newspaper department on Trove has been on the quiet side for a number of months. But with major funding cuts as well as loss of staff and services, it’s not surprising. While it’s sad to see the preservation of such an important part of Australia’s history being hit hard, the good news is that while the digitisation of old newspapers has slowed, it hasn’t stopped completely.

And the past few months have seen a number of new releases (listed below), all available to view now online … and still free! The National Library of Australia also have a ‘coming soon’ list, so I have mentioned those here so you can see what they are working on next.

** WHAT’S NEW **

The Sun: Sunday Edition (Sydney, NSW: 1910)
The Teetotaller and General Newspaper (Sydney, NSW: 1842-1843)
The Temperance Advocate and Australasian Commercial and Agricultural Intelligencer (Sydney, NSW: 1840-1841)
The True Sun and New South Wales Independent Press (Sydney, NSW: 1844)
The Voice of Jacob. or, the Hebrews’ Monthly Miscellany (Sydney, NSW: 1842)
The Weekly Register of Politics, Facts and General Literature (Sydney, NSW: 1843-1845)

Australische Zeitung (Adelaide, SA: 1875-1916)
The South Australian Colonist and Settlers’ Weekly Record of British, Foreign and Colonial Intelligence (London, England: 1840)

The Tasmanian Colonist (Hobart Town, Tas: 1851-1855)
The Teetotal Advocate (Launceston, Tas: 1843)

Illustrated Australian Mail (Vic: 1861-1862)
Jamboree Daily (Frankston, Vic: 1934; 1949; 1955; 1964; 1976; 1992; 2007)
The Melbourne Advertiser (Vic.: 1838)
The Melbourne Courier (Vic: 1845-1846)
Melbourne Times (Vic: 1842-1843)
The Melbourne Weekly Courier (Vic: 1844-1845)
Port Phillip Patriot and Melbourne Advertiser (Vic: 1839-1845)
The Port Phillip Patriot and Morning Advertiser (Vic: 1845-1848)
Seamen’s Strike Bulletin (Melbourne, Vic: 1919)



Most of the titles listed below are part of the an Australian Cooperative Digitisation Project and redigitised as part of the Australian Newspaper Plan, or ones chosen by the National Library of Australia unless otherwise mentioned.

Canberra News (1939-1940)

The Australian Star (1887-1892) [State Library of NSW]
The Bee of Australia (1844)The Blackheath Bulletin (1926) [State Library of NSW]
The Colonial Observer (1841-1844)
Commercial Journal and General Advertiser (1835-1840)
Commercial Journal, General Advertiser & Odd Fellows’ Advocate (1845-1845)
The Cumberland Times & Western Advertiser (1845)
The Dispatch (1843-1844)
Dubbo Dispatch and Wellington Independent (1887-1932) [State Library of NSW
The Examiner (1845-1845)
Free Press & Commercial Journal (1841-1841)
The Hunter River Gazette & Journal of Agriculture, Commerce, Politics, & News (1841-1842)
Le Courrier Australien (1955-2011)
The New South Wales Examiner (1842)
The Omnibus & Sydney Spectator (1841-1843)
Parramatta Chronicle (1843-1845)
The Satirist & Sporting Chronicle (1843)
The Sentinel (1845-1848)
Society (29 Jan 1887)
The Star (1845-1876)
The Star (1909-1910) [State Library of NSW]
The Star & Working Man’s Guardian (1844-1845)
The Sun & New South Wales Independent Press (1843)
The Sun: Sunday Edition (Sydney, NSW: 1910)
The Sunday Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1903-1910) [State Library of NSW]
The Sydney Dispatch (1844)
Sydney Free Press (1841-1842)
The Sydney Mail (16 March 1932 – coloured / special Bridge edition)
The Sydney Record (1843-1844)
The Teetotaller & General Newspaper (1842)
The Temperance Advocate & Australasian Commercial & Agricultural Intelligencer (1840-1841)
Tharunka (1953-2010) [University of NSW]
The True Sun & New South Wales Independent Press (1844)
The Weekly Register of Politics, Facts & General Literature (1843-1845)

Bundaberg Daily New-Mail (1940)
Bundaberg Daily News and Mail (1925-1940)
Coolangatta Chronicle (1926); [Gold Coast City Council Library]
Daily Record (1897-1922)
Herbert River Express (1910-1954)
North Queensland Register (1892-1954)
South Coast Bulletin (1950-1954); [Gold Coast City Council Library]
Townsville Evening Star (1889-1940)

Australische Zeitung (1875-1916)
Express & Telegraph War Edition (1916-1917)

The Teetotal Advocate (1843)
The Tasmanian Colonist (1851-1855)

The Bendigo Independent (1902-1918); [joint sponsorship by State Library of Victoria and Sidney Myer Fund]
Gippsland Farmers’ Journal (1893-1896) [Latrobe City Libraries]
Illustrated Australian Mail (1861-1862)
Jamboree Daily & supplements (1934-2007) [Scout Association of Australia – Victorian Branch]
Kerang New Times (Vic: 1901-1913)
Kerang Times (Vic:1889-1901)
The Melbourne Advertiser (1838)
The Melbourne Courier (1845-1846)
Melbourne Punch (Dec 10, 1925)
Melbourne Times (1842-1843)
The Melbourne Weekly Courier (1844-1845)
The Port Phillip Gazette & Settler’s Journal (Vic : 1845-1850)
The Port Phillip Patriot and Morning Advertiser (Melbourne) (1845-1848)
The Port Phillip Patriot and Melbourne Advertiser (1839-1842)
Seamen’s Strike Bulletin (Aug 1919)
Sportsman (Melbourne, Vic: 1882-1904)

The Avon Gazette & Kellerberrin News (1914-1916)
Empire (1907-1908) [Fremantle City Library]
The Hannans Herald (1895-1896) [State Library of WA]
Mail (Fremantle, WA: 1904-1905) [Fremantle City Library]
The Malcolm Chronicle and Leonora Advertiser (1897-1905) [State Library of WA]
Murchison Advocate (1911-1912) [State Library of WA]
The Possum (Fremantle, WA: 1890) [State Library of WA]
The Possum (Perth, WA: 1887-1888) [State Library of WA]
W.A. Bulletin (1888-1890) [State Library of WA]