diploma of family history

If you’ve decided to take your genealogy education to the next level with some study, the University of Tasmania (UTAS) are offering a Diploma of Family History that you can do online.

The Diploma of Family History builds your skills and knowledge in finding and interpreting information about your ancestors (or even someone else’s), and sharing family stories with others. It’s not solely about the paper trail though. Objects, images, and places also play a part in learning about the past. You will also learn about organising, storing, and conserving knowledge for future generations.

The Diploma is made up of eight units. The four foundation-level units are free, and HECS Scholarships are available that cover half of the tuition fees for the second level units. You will be charged a tuition fee of 50% for these units. In effect, you are receiving eight units for the fee of two. Can’t beat that for value!!

Foundation Units
Introduction to Family History (7 weeks)
Writing Family History (9 weeks, with a break over Christmas/New Year)
Convict Ancestors (8 weeks)
Place, Image, Object (9 weeks, with a break over Easter)

Second Level Units
Writing the Family Saga (6 weeks)
Convicts and their Legacy (7 weeks)
Oral History (7 weeks)
Families at War (9 weeks, with a break over Easter)

Each course starts at a different time so check the UTAS website for dates on when each is next scheduled: http://www.utas.edu.au/arts/diploma-of-family-history

For more information:
email: ASC.Contact@utas.edu.au
phone: (03) 6226 6365