A brand new genealogy service was launched yesterday, and it fills a “critical gap” that is in the genealogy industry.

We’ve all hit that brickwall somewhere along the line, and simply don’t know where to look next. So while many give up and go on to another branch, some may choose the option of hiring a professional researcher,  which isn’t a cheap option, but usually gets results.

Now there is an option in between. GenealogyDOTcoach is a new online service that matches up professional genealogists (genealogy coaches) with people who want to do the research themselves, but just need a little assistance.

From their Press Release

“With do-it-yourself sites like and it has become so easy for anyone start climbing their family tree,” says co-founder, Janet Hovorka.  “But, sometimes people get a little stuck in the process.  The traditional option at that point has been to purchase a 10 or 20 hour research package from a professional genealogist.  Many people can’t afford that kind of help.  Others are reluctant to do so because they want the joy of making those family history discoveries themselves.  genealogyDOTcoach aims to fill that gap.”

The service launches with 25 coaches across 47 different categories.  Topics include:  getting started; genetic genealogy/DNA; tree analysis and writing a research plan; and document translation.  Coaches also specialize in research for different regions of the world and different ethnic groups.  The initial group of coaches have an average of 25 years of training and experience a piece.  They are researchers, authors, and lecturers.  The impressive list of coaches includes some of the most well-known genealogists in the industry.

On the genealogyDOTcoach website, users can select a topic and see a list of coaches who specialize in that topic.  They can review comments and ratings from previous clients, to help them select a coach they would like to work with.  Sessions can be scheduled for 15, 30 or 60 minutes.  Pricing starts as low as US$15 for 15 minutes.

Shortly before the coaching session, an email link is sent that allows the user to log in to a private video chat room. There they meet face to face, via video chat, to share screens and documents with the genealogy coach, and receive the help they need to keep them moving along in their family history journey.

“Clients leave the coaching sessions with a game plan for how to move forward in their family history research,” says Hovorka. “Just like life coaches or athletic coaches, genealogy coaches can give you the boost you need to be better at what you enjoy.”

What an amazing idea, and one that I’m sure will prove popular. While they do have an amazing group of coaches already, I assume that over time they’ll get more ‘coaches’ and I do hope that will include some from the UK as well as Australia and New Zealand too.

Check out their website, and their impressive list of genealogy coaches:

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