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72,000 participants in 72 hours
that’s the goal

The FamilySearch website is without a doubt one of the world’s largest websites for genealogical records, and it is all free. FamilySearch staff and volunteers have been travelling the world recording original records for over 100 years now. These records have been held in storage in Granite Mountain in Salt Lake City. For more about this incredible mountain read here – it really is worth reading. But now the task is to make these billions of records accessible to everyone by putting the images online, and getting them indexed.

FamilySearch rely on volunteers from all around the world to help with the enormous task indexing.

And FamilySearch are holding their next worldwide indexing event over a period of 72 hours (15-17 July), and are aiming to get 72,000 participants (indexers) onboard during that period.

FamilySearch Indexing 72 hours 72 indexers

During 72 hours from July 15 to 17, help us index the world’s historical records, making them freely searchable on the Internet and helping families worldwide find their ancestors.

Join us as we “rewrite” history.

At the time of writing this, FamilySearch currently have over 15,500 people signed up to take part. Be a part of it it. Sign up and take part in indexing their records.

If you’ve never taken part in indexing FamilySearch records before, here are a couple of getting started videos for you …

We’ve all used FamilySearch. We know how important a resource it is. And how we all like to just put in a name and see what comes up. So why not give a little back by helping index a batch or two?

For more information, and to sign up, visit the FamilySearch website as below.