South Australia’s “Passengers in History” Website Launched

Passengers in HistoryAn amazing new resource has just been released for South Australia history and genealogy. Launched on Monday the 25th of January 2016 “Passengers in History” is a welcome addition for anyone with connections to South Australia.

Created by the South Australian Maritime Museum, this website brings together two incredible resources. Firstly the passengers database was produced by volunteers at the South Australian Maritime Museum, over a period of 20 years from the passenger lists held at the State Library of South Australia. These contain entries for over 328,000 passengers on 20,000 voyages to South Australia between 1836 and 1964. And secondly Ian Nicholson’s three volumes of Log of Logs. These volumes are one of the “key” resources when looking for maritime history in Australia. His books (now in database form, and linked in with each relevant voyage) list details of thousands of ships logs, letters and shipboard diaries of voyages that relate to Australia that exist. Currently volume 1 is done, with volume 2 being worked on at present.

Governor of South Australia, Hieu Van Le AO launching the website

Governor of South Australia, Hieu Van Le AO launching the website

Launched by the Governor of of South Australia, Hieu Van Le AO, he gave a stirring speech recalling how he was one of the early boat-people having arrived in Australia from Vietnam back in the 1970s, and how Australia is so multi-cultural that 45% of people are either not born in this country, or have one parent that isn’t. Incredible stats!

The South Australian Maritime Museum has said that the site is far from being ‘finished’. In fact they will not only continue to add to it, but their site also allows users to contribute to the site.

Register on the site, and you can add entries (ships, ports or passengers) to your “account”, as well as being able to add content to it.

It’s early days for the site, and the SA Maritime Museum are after feedback (good or bad) on how people find the site.

You can contact them by any number of ways:
Phone: (08) 8207 6255
Post: 126 Lipson Street, Port Adelaide, South Australia 5015

4 thoughts on “South Australia’s “Passengers in History” Website Launched

  1. I am looking for history relating to the FALKAI family who arrived in 1949 on Wooster Victory. I was a babe in arms with them . I have served in army in Vietnam and have taken a long time to take any great interest in history.

  2. Jeanice Levez says:

    William THOMAS, his wife Maria and his two sons William and Richard arrived Port Adelaide, South Australia on the vessel Trafalgar in January 1849 from UK. Would like to make contact with anyone researching this family.

  3. evelyn harris says:

    I am looking for James Edward Kennedy born 1853 or 1842 Australia died 6 feb 1948 Anderson bay Dunedin new Zealand also Nathaniel bates born 24 November 1819 Sydney new south wales died 13 July 1887 Riverton new Zealand also Joseph Charles Robertson born 1871 died 12 may 1935 Riverton new Zealand thank you

  4. Search mechanism is pretty hopeless. Can’t do an exact search Type in Hardy and get every surname with HARD in it. Can’t jump to a particular page!. Filtering by title is plain stupid why not clumo all the male and female titles into a gender filter?
    Why no filter by arrival year? Why filter by a persons age!!
    Back arrow often fails taking you back to a new search
    Bit disappointing really.

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