genealogy wall chartAs researchers we spend years collecting the names, dates, photos, stories and other details of our ancestors – but what do we do with it?

Leave it on the computer? Why? Why not print it out and show it off?

Some write a book, some scrapbook or create other craft items. Others create a chart. Why not add in pictures or maps … make it spectacular. And trust me, it’ll certainly get your non-genie friends and family interested and talking about it. Get one to hang on your lounge room wall, or a long one down the hallway. Or maybe you have a reunion coming up, and you need big charts printed for that. Descendant, ancestral, bow tie, butterfly, fan, circle, or direct line … get creative, there’s hundreds of ways to show off your family!!

As a genealogy retailer, a question that we regularly get asked is “who prints genealogy wall charts?”, so I thought it would be worthwhile to create a list. Not focussing on any particular country, this list covers wall chart printers from Australia, UK and the US.

Simply arranged alphabetically for easy reading, be sure to check out the really unique charts at the end of the article.



Ancestor Circles

Ancestry Graphics & Printing

EEZY Charts

Family ChartMasters

chart created by Genealogy WallCharts

chart created by Genealogy WallCharts

Family Tree Printing

Genealogy Printers

Genealogy WallCharts

Heartland Family Graphics

Heirloom Charts

Keepsake Family Trees

Maxbal Genealogy

My Ancestor Chart

My History

The Tree Maker




chart created by Elijahtree

chart created by Elijahtree

DNA 11


Family Tree Scriptorium

I (Chart) You

My Genus