I believe all self-publishers who’ve been doing it a while know “the” feeling. The feeling where you’ve published a book, and it sold well for a while, but the last few boxes or copies just sit. And they often sit for years. But there comes a time when you just want them gone.

This is the case with the following book, that I am mentioning.

Colin Garrett is a man who has put decades of work in to create the huge 1100 page book on the lineage of Richard Garrett. But now he is wanting to clear the last few copies of this book. You’ll find all the relevant details below.


The Family Lineage of Richard Garrett 1804-2006 and the Family Lineage of William and Jane Argent (nee Burling) 1816-2006.

Compiled to be an update (and an enormous one at that) on the first Richard Garrett family history which was produced in 1982. The research on finding descendants of Richard continued, and this volume, published 24 years later, at over 1100 pages is a testament to the research. Afterall it does contain over 100,000 names in the index!

Covering not only Richard, his two wives and partner, and their descendants, this book also contains the lineage of William and Jane Argent (nee Burling). Jane first married William Argent, then married Richard Garrett.

The Introduction states “the intention of producing this family history tree has been to record the line of descendants from Richard Garrett, who appears to have been born around 1804 in the vicinity of Chichester, Sussex, England who with his wife and eight children came to South Australia in 1804 with the aid of assisted passage. Having been married multiple times and having a total of 21 children, the lineage of Richard Garrett is as you would expect large.
– Section 1 Richard Garrett and Mary Ann Allen and their nine children.
– Section 2 Richard Garrett and Jane Argent (nee Burling) and their eight children
– Section 3 Richard Garrett and Mathilda Lohmann (nee Nitschke) and their three children
– Section 4 William Argent and Jane Argent and their six children

Cost of book: (super special clearance price)
$70.00 (exc GST), postage within Australia $15.00 per book
Payment must be made in Australian dollars, and can be paid by cheque or money order.

This title can be ordered direct from:
Colin Garrett, and you can contact him by phone on (08) 8293 7505, or can be collected from Mitchell Park in South Australia.