UTAS - Writing FH Course

The University of Tasmania (UTAS) has run their Introduction to Family History course twice, with an incredible response each time.

Now they are offering a new course for family historians. One on writing family history.

As with the earlier course, it is done fully online, and it is FREE.

So don’t just ‘collect’ to stories, write them down, and share them, it helps to bring your ancestors to life.

Writing Family History is a fully online course from the University of Tasmania. Join students around Australia for an introduction to writing non-fictional and fictional narratives based on real genealogical records. As with the earlier course, this one gives thoe doing the course free access to Ancestry.com Library edition. 

On successful completion of this unit you will be able to:

  • Use and reflect on a range of key strategies and techniques for writing narratives based on genealogical records;
  • Contribute to a supportive online workshop environment by giving and receiving constructive critical feedback on short writing exercises;
  • Produce a coherent piece of short fiction or non-fiction based on genealogical research.

This course runs from 23 November 2015 until 31 January 2016.

To take part in this course you:

  • need to have a computer with internet access.
  • be prepared to spend approx. 4-5 hours a week on study.
  • need to be an Australian citizen

For further details, including enrolling and a number of FAQs, visit the University of Tasmania (UTAS) website http://www.utas.edu.au/arts/writing-family-history.