Retro elements for Father's Day calligraphic designs. Vintage ornaments.Happy Father's Day Typographical Background. Vector illustration.Father’s Day is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society.

Sunday, the 6th of September is Father’s Day in Australia, and have you got your dad something yet?

While your dad may need socks, jocks or a tie, why not get him something more interesting, something different.  Something family history related.

And if you’re struggling for ideas, here are 7 gift suggestions for you.



UTP0010-2 Where Do I StartWhere Do I Start?: A Brief Guide to Researching Your Family in Australia and New Zealand – $19.00 (printed book)
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If your dad is just getting into family history, or if you want to get him started, the “Where Do I Start?” book is a fabulous one which will take him step-by-step through the process of beginning his family history, collecting together what he knows, what records he has, and then how to go about finding further information.



UTP0423-2 Preserving Your Family's Oral History and StoriesPreserving Your Family’s Oral History and Stories – $14.00 (printed book)
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If your dad is already into family history, he’d know the importance of recording the family’s stories .. be it written or recorded.

This book gives great tips on how to go about conducting oral hsitory interviews, and cover the equipment, the setting and the types of questions to ask as well.

Other techniques that can be used to record and share your family’s stories are covered as well..


ALI006-2 A Father's StoryA Father’s Story – $19.95
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Maybe your dad isn’t “into” family history research, but why not at least get him to record his own history. Afterall no-one knows the history of his life like him. And if he fills this in, it is leaving a legacy for future generations.

“A Father’s Story” is a fill-in book, which asks numerous questions, while leaving plenty of room for him to fill in answers, as well as leaving room for photos to be added in.

Topics covered include: when I was young, home life, school, aspirations, pets, working life, milestones, passions, my mother and father and their families, hobbies and more.

A filled in book like this is a true treasure.


ALB032 Home Archive Starter kitThe Home Archive Stater Kit – $37.15
Available in Black, Blue or Grey

Store your precious photographs and documents safely, in archival quality storage.

Made in Australia, the “Home Archive Starter Kit” contains an archival quality and acid free binder and slipcover, so this keeps both the light and dust out.

And it comes with:
– 10 photo pages for 6×4 inch pages (postcard size)
– 2 negative storage pages for 35mm negatives
– 5 photo pages for 8×12 inch photos, letters or documents (A4 size)
– 1 sheet of tabs for recording photo details.

The album has a 40mm spine, and can generally hold up to 50 page pockets in the album.


FPL001-2 Flip-Pal Mobile ScannerFlip-Pal Mobile Scanner – $279.50
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The Flip-Pal Mobile Scanner is a tech-toy that every researcher wants and needs.

If you visit relatives, societies, or archives offices*, you can use this tiny, light-weight scanner to scan photos and documents on the spot. It even allows you to scan photos that are stuck in albums, or large photos that are framed.

If you have large images, no problem, the stitching software joins multiple images together seamlessly.

(*many societies and archives offices allow use of the scanner, but not all, so be sure to check beforehand)


UTP0401 Digital Imaging Essentials Australian editionDigital Imaging Essentials: Techniques and tips for Genealogists and Family Historians (Australian edition) – $34.95 (printed book)
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Genealogists use digital imaging technology every day with cameras, scanners, saving files, sharing records and so on.

But what you do not know about it, can harm your digital treasures.

This book fills the need for a comprehensive, easy-to-read guide, with step-by-step instructions and illustrations to learn how to digitise, organise, preserve, share, and backup your digital collections.


CPL010-2 Family Historian 6Family Historian 6 – $69.95
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If your dad is in need of a genealogy software program, or a new one, you might like to consider Family Historian as a Father’s Day gift for him.

A powerful program, yet easy to get started, this program is one that is installed on your own computer, so you’re not reliant on connecting to the internet like some others.

Family Historian not only lets you record all of your data, it allows you add in media (photos, audio and video), you can webclip items from the internet to add in to your program, not only can you do mapping, but your can use the Time Slider tool to see who lived where when.

You can record Witnesses (non-principal participants in events, like bridesmaids at a wedding), and the number of chart and report options available to you to print out is endless. 

Family Historian is a well-made, and well-supported program. It is the top selling program in England, it has a growing number of users throughout the rest of the world, including Australia.