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The UK and the US both recently announced the celebrities for their latest seasons of Who Do You Think You Are?. Now it’s Australia’s turn.

Who Do You Think You Are? delves into the ancestry of prominent Australians. They become detectives as they search through their family tree to piece together their history, and ultimately find the answers to where they came from. The clues to their ancestry are found in all corners of Australia and the globe as these eight Australians trace their genealogy to unexpected places. Histories are revealed, and secrets uncovered.

The emotional and personal stories in Who Do You Think You Are? reveal a bigger picture of Australia’s diverse national identity. These stories demonstrate how Australians have come to be the people that we are today. Who Do You Think You Are? is a fascinating chronicle of the social, ethnic and cultural evolution of Australia.

In this 7th season we discover the family history of:
– Geoffrey Rush (actor)
– David Wenham (actor)
– Luke Nguyen (chef)
– Toni Collette (actress)
– Dawn Fraser (champion swimmer and former politician)
– Ray Martin (television journalist)
– Greig Pickhaver (HG Nelson) (comedian)
– Peter Rowsthorn (comedian)

For the very first time, an investigation leads to a DNA test and the surprising answer to a long held paternity question shrouded in mystery. Intriguing stories emerge – an Irish rebel, a South American freedom fighter and a German family mastering music for 150 years since the time of Bach. One celebrity finds family he didn’t know existed and another considers changing his surname after discovering the truth about his grandfather.

This all-new season premieres on
SBS, Tuesday 4 August, 7.30pm

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