Who Do You Think You Are? UK Season 12 (2015)


The world’s most popular genealogy tv program, Who Do You Think You Are? (the UK version) is back for a 12th season in 2015, and stars from the world of film and TV, theatre, music, cookery, modelling, and news all feature in this new series.

Season 12 features:
– Paul Hollywood (Great British Bake off presenter)
– Jerry Hall (modelling legend)
– Sir Derek Jacobi and Anne Reid (Last Tango In Halifax stars)
– Jane Seymour (actress)
– Gareth Malone (choirmaster and broadcaster)
– Frances de la Tour (stage and television actress)
– Frank Gardner (news reporter)
– Mark Gatiss (actor and writer)
– Anita Rani (television presenter)

Spanning almost a thousand years of history and crossing four continents, the new series follows ten well-know celebrities as they investigate the secrets of their family trees. Travelling from the Tower of London to the Highlands of Scotland, from Tunisia to Tasmania, from the Punjab in India to the Wild West of America, each embark on a journey of discovery as they dig deep into their family ancestry, uncovering a host of hidden pasts and shocking revelations. Full of heartbreak, laughter, intrigue and surprise, each film captures every step of our celebrity’s mission to learn more about their ancestors’ lives.

From new-born babies spirited away under cover of darkness to convicts transported to the other side of the world; from sisters separated by the Holocaust to the battlefields of North Africa; from laudanum-addicted socialites to paying the ultimate price for treason in Tudor England; from music halls to tales of vampires, the latest series of Who Do You Think You Are? reveals the rich and extraordinary stories of our celebrities’ families and their history.

The series will see model and actress Jerry Hall trace her ancestry from the cotton mills of Oldham to the plains of Texas as she discovers her family’s pioneering past, blazing the trail west across America.

Derek Jacobi’s story is one of equal contrasts, from humble roots in Walthamstow to the court of Louis XIV of France. But the family tree hides a dangerous secret – his ancestor is leading a double life and flees to England where there’s another surprise in store – an unlikely connection to royalty on this side of the Channel.

Season 12 of Who Do You Think You Are? (UK) is scheduled to air in summertime in the UK.

7 thoughts on “Who Do You Think You Are? UK Season 12 (2015)

  1. David (Dave) Sieff says:

    I’m pleased to hear that another series of WDYTYA will be aired soon in the UK,and that we will eventually see it in South Africa,but probably quite a long time later – I’m not sure why there should be such a long delay ( ? ! ) – and I always look forward to each episode.
    While it is very interesting to follow the research and results of famous personalities’ ancestry,family history and genealogy,I would like to see the same done for perhaps one or two “ordinary” people per series,whose ancestry might be as complicated and interesting,or even more so; they might,for instance have some orally – or even documentary – handed down knowledge of some really famous/infamous ancestry and/or family history,which could be equally of interest to viewers – it’s after all the ancestry which is the more interesting and intriguing aspect of the programmes.
    Has this ever been considered,and if rejected,for which reasons ? I would appreciate a response.
    Kind regards,Dave Sieff ( member of a local genealogical society in Johannesburg,South Africa)

  2. Rebecca Coles says:

    When will who do you think you are uk series 12 be available to purchase on
    DVDs in Australia?

  3. Hi Rebecca, I can’t say when Season 12 will be released on DVD, but I can see that Season 11 was in 2014. And that season 12 isn’t listed on the publisher’s website. So either it’s still coming, or there’s no plans to release it. I don’t know which I’m sorry. http://uk.rljentertainment.com/b2b/advancedsearch/result/?q=who+do+you+think+you+are

  4. RITA MCCARVIL says:

    Hi, can you please tell me who the uk celebrity was that is a descendent of John Nocks. THANKYOU regards Rita.

  5. Hi Rita, sorry I can’t answer that query. I suggest you get in touch the makers of the program at BBC. Someone there should be able to help. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b007t575, and you can find their contact page here: https://ssl.bbc.co.uk/faqs/forms/?eid=comment_appreciation&id=R82UAPOEOUICVI6B1AUEQFS54M&mid=contact&uid=716170624

  6. rosie butterworth says:

    I too would love to buy series 12 of uk who do you think you are on DVD , I have all the others , so why not this one ?

  7. Hi Rosie, it seems that it was decided (presumably by the producers) to not release Series 12 on DVD. Or not yet anyway. Sorry.

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