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Unlock the Past have a huge list of guide books that are scheduled for this year, and they’ve started it off by releasing two new titles. Well, actually one brand new title, and one new edition of an earlier title.


Noeline J. Kyle, R. Lynette Russell and Jennifer Blundell
ISBN: 9781921956096
Year: 2015
Item Code: UTP0323

Printed Book: paperback, 76 pages, $17.00 more information
Ebook: download, coming soon

Nursing and midwifery have been the occupations of women for centuries and almost every one of us will find an ancestor who engaged in these traditional feminine pursuits.

This book, written by experts in nursing history, women’s history and family history, provides practical advice on how to research the lives of nurses and midwives, the hospitals they trained and worked in, and is a guide to the many public and private repositories where sources are found in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Nurses and midwives worked in hospitals, refuges, asylums, prisons, charitable institutions and were pioneers of bush nursing, established maternity hospitals and were often important health providers in small communities in past decades.

The records of their lives are found in a wide range of places, and as well as online and digitised records, this book also points the researcher toward the myriad of documentary and private records which are useful for writing their live


Chris Paton
ISBN: 9781921956928
Year: 2015
Item Code: UTP0282

Printed Book: paperback, 64 pages, $19.50 more information
Ebook: download, coming soon

There is a popular belief that Irish family history research is virtually impossible because ‘all the records were burned in the civil war’. But as Northern Irish born family historian Chris Paton demonstrates, the glass is most definitely half full rather than half empty when it comes to research in the Emerald Isle.

Many records still exist which can help with your ancestral pursuits, and for those unable to make their way to Ireland to carry out research, the internet is finally coming to the rescue, as more and more material is increasingly finding its way online by the day.

This revised and fully updated Unlock the Past guide explores the key repositories and records now available online, and will prove to you that if you have been put off with Irish research in the past, now is absolutely the time to take another look.