Find-A-Grave-100-million-photosFind A Grave is the original cemetery website. One that’s been going for 19 years in fact. I’m sure all of you have ended up on it at some stage to check a record or two, while some of may have even uploaded some photographs.

If you haven’t done so, obviously plenty of others have as just this week Ancestry (who owns  Find A Grave as of late last year), announced that the 100 millionth photograph had just been uploaded to the Find A Grave website.

100 million is huge. That’s a whole lot of photographs of cemeteries and headstones, and that’s a lot of people recorded.

It’s no secret that Australia and New Zealand aren’t well represented on Find A Grave at present, but for all those cemetery-traipsing-photographers (who I know are many), keep Find A Grave in mind as a place to upload your cemetery pics.

That aside, Find A Grave has stood the test of time, and has grown to be huge. 100 million huge. Putting it simply, a website like this doesn’t work if no-one submits photos to it. So to the many, many thousands of people who have contributed to the site, thankyou for helping make the site bigger and better.

For more on the announcement, click here.