Internet Genealogy Magazine aug/Sep 2014I’m a little behind on my genealogy magazine reading (I always seem to be), however I did pick up the latest issue of Internet Genealogy (August/September 2014 issue) and started flipping through it today, and found an article titled “Top Genealogy Blogs: 2014 Edition”.

Being the avid blog-reader that I am, I always love reading these lists to see who I know and who I don’t, but should.

After working my way through the first four pages of this article which covers the corporate business blogs and contained entries such as Ancestry, MyHistory, and Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter to name a few, they were followed by the Governmental section, then theĀ  Organizational section, then the Other section.

Internet Genealogy Magazine aug/Sep 2014

I was half was through the first column of Other section when I read something, that made me do a double take. Did I read that correct? So I reread it. And sure enough … “Genealogy & History News” was listed there.

Internet Genealogy Magazine aug/Sep 2014
As a writer it is always nice to know that someone actually reads my posts, and even nicer when you hear that they appreciate it. So a big thankyou to Tony Bandy who compiled the article, and Internet Genealogy magazine for the listing.

For longtime readers, you may remember me mentioning the Internet Genealogy magazine from time-to-time as it is one of the must-have genealogy magazine’s in my opinion. And I’ve been a subscriber to it for a number of years now.

For those who aren’t familiar with the magazine it is ssued bi-monthly, and printed in Canada. This magazine is always full of software reviews, tech-related websites, new resources and so on. If you head on over to their website as you’ll be able to have a look at the contents listing for the previous, and current issues.

They offer subscriptions in both traditional printed edition, as well as a download emag version. And if you’re interested in back issues you can order downloads of any back issue.

So if you like to keep up to date with the latest techy-style-genealogy news … Internet Genealogy, check them out.