RootsMagic Wants Your Feedback to Improve It


If you are a RootsMagic user, please take a moment to read this, as it is especially for you. The creators of RootsMagic have asked for feedback from users on how they can improve the program – so they need your input.

The following was posted on the RootsMagic blog:

Let your voice be heard! We want to hear from you on how we can improve RootsMagic to better serve your family history wants and needs. To this end, we have setup a survey available HERE.

And to show our appreciation for your time, we are giving away five $50 gift certificates to randomly-selected survey respondents.

The survey will be available until Tuesday, July 15, 2014. But don’t wait, take the survey today!

So if you have found that something doesn’t quite work the way you think it should, or wonder why they don’t have a particular feature in the program – now is you chance – have your say. But be quick as you’ve only got until July 15th.

2 thoughts on “RootsMagic Wants Your Feedback to Improve It

  1. Phillip Walker says:

    I like what you have done linking up with Ancestry but I have noticed that my notes marked with the ellipse as private notes are being uploaded to Ancestry when I don’t want them to be uploaded. Private notes are meant to be kept on my computer and not transferred anywhere else, can this be fixed please.

  2. Hi Phillip, thanks for the feedback on RootsMagic. However so the RootsMagic team actually see your message, you may wish to write to them directly. You can find their contact details here

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