logo - Saving Memories ForeverThe biggest genealogy conference in the US, RootsTech, has just wound up for 2014. And one of the big features of it is the Developer Challenge.  This is an initiative where FamilySearch reward developers who introduce the most innovative, new concepts to family history.

This year there were 17 entrants who came from countries around the world. And according to reports, the competition was tough, and choosing tougher. But as it was a competition there can be only one winner, and the panel of judges chose Saving Memories Forever.

The official announcement from FamilySearch says the following …

FamilySearch is pleased to announce the winner of the RootsTech 2014 Developer Challenge, Saving Memories Forever. Saving Memories Forever is an app that is available for iOS and Android devices that allows you to record and share your family memories and access them securely through the website, www.savingmemoriesforever.com. Harvey and Jane Baker, of St. Louis, Missouri, are the founders. They were recognized today onstage at the conclusion of the keynote presentation at RootsTech.

Some of you may have heard of Saving Memories Forever, some of you may not have. But if you haven’t let me tell you just a little about them. They have seen around since 2012, having released their iOS app version then, with an Android version about a year after that.

It came about after Harvey and Jane Baker created a family tree chart. Soon after they completed it they felt that they had a HUGE hole in their family history, as while the names and dates were there, the ‘stories’ weren’t. They felt they had no real sense of their relatives: what they thought and enjoyed. And certainly no ability to listen to them crack a favorite joke or hear them talk about their lives. And that’s what sparked the idea of being able to ‘hear’ your relatives. They wanted to know the voice, the personality of the person, and the stories.

Harvey, a problem-solving electrical engineer by trade, has been tracking technological advances for years. He saw how to combine a Smart Phone and a computer website to come up with a workable system for recording and sharing family memories. Meanwhile, Jane asked questions and, by doing so, helped ensure an easy-to-use product. She is thrilled that even she can now easily record, save, and share her family stories.

So in short, Saving Memories Forever is an app that you can use on your computer and mobile device (iOS or Android), which allows you to record the family stories, which gives history a family a voice.

There is a free version, and a paid version. To find out the difference between the two, have a look their FREE vs FEE button on their website.

For more information, please visit their website
To download the iOS verison, visit the iTunes store
To download the Android verson, visit Google Play

The video below tells their story …

And our sister company, Unlock the Past would like to say a huge Congratulations to Saving Memories Forever on their win, and also for being a great supporter of the Unlock the Past Cruises. You can read more about them and other Cruise partners here.