logo - Real People Reel StoriesI recently found out about “Real People Reel Stories“, and I must say it’s always so exciting to find a new niche business or service that is here in Australia that has a connection to genealogy and preserving history. In this case it Glenn Weller has created Real People Reel Stories which is designed to create video biographies. Photographs and stories are one thing, but video can convey so much more of you and either paper or photos ever can, and in doing so they can “bring your family’s history to life”.

Why should only famous people get the chance to tell their story on film? That’s the question being asked by Brisbane-based film and documentary maker, Glenn Weller, who recently began his quest to film more Australians’ stories than the ABC TV series, “Australian Story”.

Mr Weller, whose video biography company, ‘Real People Reel Stories’ launched recently said he wanted to assist people from all walks of life to record their family’s history and tell their story on film.

“Maybe you’re researching your family’s history, or you want to pass on your family’s legacy to your children or grandchildren – teach them their heritage – well, video can do it in a way nothing else can,” he said. “More than any other medium video captures people’s true character, personality, mannerisms and memories. Think of us like the television programs, “Australian Story”‘ or “Who Do You Think You Are?” only for everyone,” he said.

Real People Reel Stories is Brisbane’s first dedicated video biography service to specialise in family history documentaries, business chronicles and pet tributes. Structured interviews are combined with photos, mementos, video and music to create a custom-made high-definition video or audio biography.

Mr Weller said his service was unlike other video production companies whose focus is on weddings and corporate promotions, because it focused on telling a personal story above anything else.

Below is a short YouTube video introducing Real People Reel Stories …

And for more information about ‘Real People Reel Stories’ contact Glenn on:
Phone: 0466 791 881
Email: glenn@realpeoplereelstories.com.au
Website: http://www.realpeoplereelstories.com.au/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/realpeoplereelstories