Family Tree Maker 2014 Patch Update ( or

FTM 2014 version numberSome issues have been discovered in Family Tree Maker 2014, and their programmers have been working on fixes which are included in this patch update. Covering general bug fixes, and also TreeSync, this is an update that everyone with FTM 2014 should do.

Although updates to Family Tree Maker 2014 usually install automatically, some users may need to manually update Family Tree Maker to the latest update, which is version for the 32-bit patch and version for the 64-bit patch. Click here for step-by-step screenshots for auto updating. But if it doesn’t auto-install, below are the details for manually updating.

If you do not receive an update notification and you are not running version number or, you will need to install the latest update.

Confirm what version of Family Tree Maker you are running by clicking on “Help” and then selecting “About Family Tree Maker”. A window will come up that lists which version of Family Tree Maker you are currently running, similar to the one pictured here.

If your installed version of Family Tree Maker 2014 is not version (32 bit) or (64 bit) you can download the latest patch here:
32-bit patch here, (.zip) or (.exe)
64-bit patch here, (.zip) or (.exe)
Close Family Tree Maker
Unzip the file, if needed
Run the .exe file

Note: If you are using Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 you may need to open the file as an administrator. To do this, please right click on the .exe file mentioned in step 4. A drop down menu will be displayed. Please select Run as Administrator.

Note: When installing the executable patch, you may be asked to locate the file to patch. You can select either the Family Tree Maker shortcut located on the desktop or the ftm.exe file which should be located in the C:\Program Files\Family Tree Maker 2014 folder.

Open Family Tree Maker 2014, but do NOT open any trees yet
Click the Help menu item at the top of the program
Click About Family Tree Maker from the drop down menu
On the Product Information tab there is a version number. If the update was successful the version number will be for the 32-bit and for the 64-bit
If no notification is displayed and your product version is not or then please do a manual install as described above

It is important that this update be run. It contains the following important improvements to the Family Tree Maker 2014 product:
– TreeSync improvements
– General bug fixes

21 thoughts on “Family Tree Maker 2014 Patch Update ( or

  1. I am still awaiting your email you sent after I called to to ask how to fix/get Family Tree Maker 2014 to
    open up since the Patch Update……the program will not open.

  2. Ken I’ve now sent you an email directly.

  3. patch is not working want to install 2014 key will not work please send new key code please thank you

  4. Hi Kim, as this is a technical issue, you will need to get in touch with Ancestry customer service directly. You can find contact details for them here:

  5. LeeAnne Poole says:

    Patch failed to install, said I need to use administrator option. I have done that, but program now fails to launch.

  6. program will not open please reply

  7. Audrey, you would need to contact Ancestry’s tech support, and tell them exactly as what stage it’s not working, and if you are getting any error message. They can talk you through it.

  8. Shirley Sinclair says:

    I need an update for windows 10 compatible with FTM. It won’t open and it asks for a key code???

  9. Hi Shirley, it will depend on what version of FTM you have to as if it is even compatible with Win 10, as not all versions are. You can always get in touch with Anestry’s tech support team if you need further help:

  10. Anita G Lunn says:

    I tried to download the required patch. I have windows 10. The patch failed to work, as FTM will not open. This just happens as Ancestry drops FTM.

  11. Anita if you are still having problems, you’ll need to get in touch with Ancestry’s tech support team. You can find their details here:

  12. Helen Zucco says:

    I am having difficulty using Family Tree Maker 2014 since Ancestry and FTM parted ways. I am unable to go on line to do any research from FTM 2014. I can go on line @ but I still like FTM, in my opinion, it is more user friendly.
    I really wish you could create a way for me to go on-line to look up like it was with Ancestry.
    is there another program that I can sign up with that will be compatible with Family Tree Maker 14???

    Thank you,
    Helen Zucco

  13. family tree maker 2014 will not sync. Now it will not open saying it was not shut down properly. says to compact file but cannot open it to do this.

  14. Sally Kingdon says:

    Hello, I am trying to update my FTM 2014 and it will not do it. I do not get an error or anything it just does nothing. I try to download the patch and the error is

    404 – File or directory not found.
    The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

    Can you help?

  15. My computer operates on Windows 10, and I cannot open a program about my where:
    my friend helped me research my tree as I AM NOT that SAVVY. On her Mac Air, she emailed me the program when we finished, but I am unable to download it (or even enter it). I am told that I need FTM 2014 on my Windows, but where do I look for it. I would happily install it, only they inform me that there is some error. How do I install FTM2014, or would it help if I went out and bought a Mac just so I can use my tree?
    I really am beginning to wonder how we could let the two giants operate programs that are so totally incompatible? Aren’t there laws to protect us from this kind of abuse? Muriel Carlson. Canada

  16. Bernie Morrison says:

    I have Family Tree Maker version 2014.1 and run it on Windows 10. Recently it stopped going “online”. Whenever I try to go online, I get a message telling me I am not connected to the internet. I know I am. What is the issue?

  17. Can log on says not online and also can not download the update as it can not read the page from a Google or Bing search. Copied link and tried in another new page and it says it’s working on new features I’ve asked for and the servers are down.
    Found info of free update which turns out to be more bologna than anything.

    So, what’s a good genealogy program? Tired of wasting my time. Had I known I couldn’t use it on Windows 10 I wouldn’t have ordered the DNA kit.

  18. I have FTM 2014 edition and have for several years. Am trying to reinstall due to having to reinstall from default my C drive. I am having problems with the program saying “cannot install due to not being on the internet”, when I AM on the internet.
    I also had installed the upgrade of 2014.1, but now cannot locate to install.

  19. Phyllis, Sorry but you’ll more than likely need to get in touch with Mackiev (new owners of FTM) to get your installation problems sorted. But you can always check the long list of FAQs first ( But if you don’t find your answer go to, type “Live Chat” in the search box, and start a live chat with MacKiev’s Tech Team.

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