logo - Project OrientHow does taking a cruise from the UK to Australia sound? Twenty-six days of relaxation onboard a state-of-the art ship, stopping in at various places along the way, enjoying the touristing? Sounds good doesn’t it!!

Well Project Orient are hoping it’ll become a reality, and so are we.

There are many cruise lines, and even more routes around the world, but only one currently offers a UK to Australia option, and that’s only once a year. So Project Orient sees what they are proposing as filling a need, and that is to offer this this voyage once a month.

It’s an ideal way for UK travellers to head to Australia, or for Aussies who’ve visited the UK as a nice way to come home.

Project Orient - routes

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With our sister company Unlock the Past Cruises gearing up for multiple cruises each year, I know they would love to be able offer a UK to Australia cruise as one of them. However, it isn’t yet available yet.

The following is a portion taken from a blog post on Unlock the Past Cruises page …

Our Unlock the Past future cruises survey shows quite a bit of interest in an UK-Australia cruise. At present the options are few.

This is something we could potentially offer every year with differing routes and directions. But to succeed this project needs investors to make this a reality. And to interest investors they need to demonstrate there is enough support for this service.

We would love to see this become a reality. It promises great possibilities for Unlock the Past cruises and those who do them. To that end we will be promoting awareness as widely as we can and urging people to vote.

A vote of interest on their web site will help greatly. Vote now if you have any interest in seeing this come to fruition.  Check out their website if you need more convincing this is great idea.


Web site

So will you help Project Orient relaunch a regular cruise service between  Southampton to Sydney which ceased 35 years ago? All you need to do, is sign their petition, and help spread the word.

To Vote: http://www.sailtoaustralia.co.uk/#!survey/clb3
Visit their Website: http://www.sailtoaustralia.co.uk
Follow them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SailToAustralia