4th cruise - ship voyager of the seasAs many of you would know the 4th Unlock the Past cruise is now less than a week away, I know I’ve blogged about it enough (sorry about that), but it is a super exciting cruise that I can’t wait for.

Anyway, I will be joining about 250 other genealogy cruisers on this cruise, and while there is internet onboard the ship you do have to hand over gold bars to obtain it (well … almost), so I shall be rather limited to how much I can do online. So as a result of limited internet, together with no time after spending all day soaking up genealogy from the amazing team of presenters, you can expect a few less blogs from me over the next two to three weeks.

For those that do like to keep up with news “as it happens”, can I suggest you keep an eye on the following blogs:
Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter by Dick Eastman
Anglo-Celtic Connections by John D. Reid
Irish Genealogy News by Claire Santry
British GENES by Chris Paton
(though he is on the cruise too, so might not be blogging as much as usual)

Before, during and after the cruise, Unlock the Past are holding meetings for the Paton-MacEntee Downunder tour. This gives those who are not on the cruise get a chance to hear Chris Paton who is travelling from Scotland, and Thomas MacEntee who’ll be thawing out from the recent “arctic freeze” in the US.  For more details about the Tour (the where, when, and how much) check my earlier post about this. And if any of you are coming to the Tour talks, please stop by and say hello. I’ll be one of the people behind the tables (at least at some of the venues) selling books etc.

I will be reporting about the cruise on my own personal blog (internet permitting) during the cruise. And there are many bloggers and social media who’ll be on the cruise, and others who’ll be attending the Tour. So if you wish to follow along on Twitter or Google+ the hashtags we’ll be using are #UTPcruise, and #UTPtour.

map showing where our cruise will be going<br>Sydney > Melbourne > Adelaide > Hobart > Sydney

map showing where our cruise will be going
 Sydney > Melbourne > Adelaide > Hobart > Sydney

4th cruise - ship voyager of the seas 2

the Voyager of the Seas in Sydney Harbour

Most of our staff are going on this cruise. We will still have some people keeping our shop open, answering phones, emails and dispatching orders. However there maybe some delays as our most experienced staff will be away.

We will continue to have newsletters and keep you up to date with genealogy happenings throughout this time.