TBD003 - Out-of-StyleTitle: Out-of-Style: A Modern Perspective of How, Why and When Vintage Fashions Evolved
Author: Betty Kreisel Shubert
Year: 2013
ISBN: 9780983576198
Flashback Publishing
Item Code: TDB003
BOOK: paperback, 374 pages, AU$38.95
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Former columnist/illustrator for Ancestry Magazine, Betty Kreisel Shubert, has published a ground breaking book inspired by the need of genealogists to date old family pictures, as well as the research needs of costume designers, theatre companies, social historians, vintage clothing collectors and fashionistas.

Covering all facets of mens, womens and childrens clothing, accessories and appearance (facial hair, hairstyles etc) – this book is going to be the bible for everyone anyone wanting to know what style was in what era.

Hoops, bustles, hats, undergarments, hemline lengths, shapes of sleeves, and the fabrics used are all covered in this phenomenal book.

A quote that Leland Meitzler’s wrote on The Genealogy Blog about this book says …

“Author, and Illustrator, Betty Kreisel Shubert is undoubtedly an expert on fashion. She knows what she was talking about and has every faith in her own abilities. According to her Author’s Notes, she got started on this book when she found herself walking with a women carrying photographs on her way to a genealogy club meeting. With what sounds like every confidence in her own ability she told the women, ‘show them to me, I can tell by the clothes about when the pictures were taken.’ The very next month she was asked to speak at the club, and from that moment her career went from ‘Costume Designer to Fashion Historian, Author-Illustrator and Columnist for Ancestry Magazine.’

Despite her seeming self assurance, Shubert spared nothing in her efforts to assure every detail in this book was covered. She talks of having as many as 18 books open at once trying to verify and resolve questions.”

And a quote from Juliana Smith, Ancestry.com’s Weekly Discovery Editor says …

“Having struggled many times to figure out when a photo was taken, I know how much this book is needed.  Betty’s expertise will be helpful to all of us who depend on historical accuracy.”

Having been in the genealogy bookselling industry for many years now, and seen thousands of new titles over that time, I do believe this will be become one of those must-have reference books that any family historian and library will want on their shelf.