logo - AdelaidiaLet me tell you about an awesome new website that has just hit the interwebs, and it’s all about the history of my hometown … Adelaide.

Adelaidia went live in mid-December 2013, and is designed to showcase Adelaide’s history through stories of the city’s people, places and events, the streets, the buildings, as well as the monuments that line them. And it is also about the communities and organisations that have shaped the city and the broader historical subjects that help put the past into context.

Adelaidia is a work in progress and will grow over time as the developers together with users contribute more about this beautiful city. It aims to become a comprehensive and multifacteted history that reflects Adelaide.

Developed by History SA, this project has been funded through funds from Arts SA.

The team at Adeladia are asking for your help. They want your stories of the city, your favorite images and your responses. So share your piece of history, and contribute to Adelaide’s history being preserved.

Stay tuned for an interactive mobile app which will deliver Adelaidia stories on the city streets.

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